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Formally tequila and games…

Had an idea one night…

One night I was backing up my files and searching for a USB stick to store a few items on, albeit a little late. I lost a lot in a computer failure about three months ago and I was so discouraged to continue any work on anything really. I lost everything I had done on Mouse, the little additions I made to Traders, all of the two other card games I had started and worst of it all, my entire Star Wars D20 campaign. I was mad and devastated.

I got a new computer shortly after and vowed to backup important things religiously. Like my ambition, that failed miserably. I think I did two backups. The first one was right after I finally got everything setup the way I wanted and piled everything from the rare backups I had and the second was about two weeks after that and now it has been four or five months, probably actually longer.

Needless to say, Mouse is yet again on hold. DnD is on hold yet again. But a small odd shaped spark has emerged. Among the backups I found an old copy of SimGolf. the old game made by Firaxis back in the day that I had an absolute hay day with. Anyways, I’m trying to make a mirror to the classic but with a few ideas I wish the original had. It’ll probably never get finished and you’ll probably never get to touch it, and to give you some insight, this is how far away I actually am…

At least auto-tiling works amazingly… after it was the worst headache in the world.

Here’s a kitty…

I told you that the next post would include a picture, whether that would be of my most recent work, or if all else fails… a kitten.

So, if that isn’t a tell tailing sign that I…. failed… then I really don’t know how to break it down any better. So, just enjoy the cuteness of the kitten. I could slam on the keyboard discussing all the things that I should have done in the long time frame of disappearance, but I’ve already proclaimed it before hand. I think COVID is drying my desires to be productive, I’m even more slowly transitioning into a life of supreme laziness.

My couch and TV are winning, and it is not even a fight.

On one hand I did make some progress with an few ounces of creative juices I have left. One of them being diving back into Rookie, a card game that my family has played for many years I’ve transforming it into a digitized version, much like Canasta I did… some years ago. The other thing I’ve dabbled with is playing with the idea of writing a book. Although progress has yet to leap into anything worthwhile, but dreams don’t go into fruition unless a staircase is built to reach them. (Boom, play on words…).

Maybe next time you’ll get two kittens and a cute puppy.

I took a nap one day…

So this basically becomes the place holder for a March blog post, and one that comes… roughly a couple weeks after the last. So yea.

I had to read what I last posted about because I had to check to see what I’ve accomplished since then, I think it’s roughly nothing. I was going to start working on tiles and doing some rough mapping to start setting some scenes for the game so I can better implement some of the features I’ll require. But, I started doom-scrolling so everything got put on pause and I don’t think I’ve even opened the editor in the last five to ten days.

I’m trying to get motivation for it, but it’s a super-struggle at the moment. This COVID thing is really dragging me through the mud, and I don’t even have it (that I know of).

Next post will have a picture in it, I swear, its nature is up in the air though. It might just be a cute kitten. We’ll see.

Inventory depleted…

I’ve been off and on working on the fundamentals of the inventory and how it would be handled by the engine. I’ve fought many times as how it could best be implemented. I’ve only wrote it…. five or six times now? I keep thinking of a better way, or I’ll think of an instance where what if I need to change this or that. As it stands now I think I have constructed it in the way that it should handle anything I can currently throw at it.

Things that I’ve accomplished.
– inventory management (to a degree), can view, equip, un-equip and discard items.
– pick up items from the field
– save current inventory, as well as load inventory based on file.
– scrolling when items are in excess of what can be viewed.

The next step in the scheme of global procrastination… err.. Mouse, is to continue more aspects of the item menu including evaluating the effects when an item is being used, or when it is equipped, what actions can be done at that time. After that is flushed out and properly done, I’ll be tying in the interactions of items with NPCs, up to and hopefully, shops and a form of crafting.

Down the stretch… character development, initial setting construction (tiling/art… yuck), eventually demo territory. Ha… as if…

Coming June 2026…. maybe March 2030, realistically, December 2043.

Plunder or is it blunder?

Since it’s better to have at least a single post in each month of the calendar, why not start on the first of the month? I’ve always wanted to have this blog be much more lively than it really is. At first I challenged myself to post once a day. It takes five minutes to throw something out there, I was always working on something, just snap a picture of it and throw it out there for the world to see.

Then I was a social life, or I was out of town working, so I made it a bit more realistic, every three days. It’s super easy to hop on at least once in the those three days to be able to chat about something. Then a week flew by, then a month…. then months. Oops.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing something like this, but my expectations of it from myself have changed. But I should at least be a bit more diligent with it.


I’ve been steadily working on Mouse, and I’ve been… actually productive in doing so. My biggest claim to fame with the current framework is the flexibility of the design. I’m trying to make it as robust as possible with very little being hard coded in. I managed to complete a small hurdle yesterday as I managed to tackle key management. The user can now custom select which key they would like to set to a particular action. So far, default keys are the arrows for movement, with the menu key being TAB, the pause menu being ENTER, A as the confirm key and S as a cancel key. These layouts are then saved in the unique save file and re-loaded when the game is.

I also completed another settings feature late last week with the ability to change the menu/text box colors at the user’s command by modifying the RGB of the menu boxes’ elements. Currently, the border, background, selection, and font color can be changed. Eventually, the user will be able to move the menus where they see fit, the font of the game and how the current selection appears. But these will be eventual features and have been back burner-ed.

After a few other touches and testing, I’ll be moving on to items, not only in how the menu will be able to interact, view and handle them, but on the map itself, being able to pick up, drop, give, sell and modify as the game will require. The biggest task with this is going to be the design of the overall system to make it
a) work as intended
b) ease of creating/modifying new/old items
c) make it efficient in the world of javascript

I’m debating between loading it from a file as I’m doing with NPCs, or have a hard coded script and just load it from the beginning.

Umm… Boo?

Sometimes you really just need to walk away and just … recharge.

Well, that and COVID basically killed everyone’s motivation and energy level. I literally lost all interest in game making as a whole and for the first time I thought about removing all Sphere related stuff from my computer. I just didn’t have that drive anymore. To be honest, the drive hasn’t been there for a while now, but sometimes the old golf cart finds enough juice in the batteries to push down the beaten path a few meters.

I stretched out some feelers for some new directions, game ideas and other creative mediums during these crazy times, but I always seem to cycle back to a common theme, Sphere,… and Star Wars.

So what the hell is going on now?

Like normal, I’ve put a number of things on the back burner, namely, C++ as I haven’t touched anything in that regard since the last post on this site… (checks blog) … holy fuck.. June. In terms of DnD, our group managed to get together a couple of times before lockdown basically prevented it entirely, safe to say, it’s on a permanent hiatus as well. I toyed with the idea of creating bots in Traders, but quickly lost interest as I wasn’t actively playing Catan anymore at the time, the frame work is there, just need to start adding the logic to it, but alas, it’s dead.

I threw out the idea of writing a book, a digitized version of a CCG and a new card game (done in the style of canasta), all of which have fallen to the wayside. I think a programmer/scripter is prone to find distractions. They work best when the have a distraction. The kings/Queens of procrastination. I’m a keen procrastinator.

So… why post now?

I’ve been working on Mouse… again. But I’ve decided to take on a different approach to the development. I’ve decided to tackle the confirmed ideas and systems first, implement them one by one. Once I get to the point where decisions have to be made, I will conquer them one by one.

So far, it has worked. I’ve basically broken a feature down from one main task to several pieces. It some regards I’ve created dummy data to test the features from proper verification.

I’ve also cleaned up my game directory a bit and got rid of some redundancies I’ve had laying around, for some reason I started running out of ways to spell Mouse…..


I took some time off from the computer and literally just… vegged out. I pretty much hit pause on the learning C++ for the moment, I feel like I need to go back a few lessons and start making some notes about some particular syntax that doesn’t behave as I would have predicted. I still muddle through a few pages of the tutorial but I get side tracked easily. It doesn’t have my complete focus as it needs to have for me to grasp the material. It’s on the docket.

Working on another leg our Star Wars D20/5e campaign. We’ve been fairly committed to a bi-weekly schedule with this week being an exception, but it’s been a good experience. I’ve been a bit of a bad DM, I haven’t super prepared for the sessions, but I think I’m still a bit bitter from the amount of planning I put into the first couple that they didn’t really appreciate, so I haven’t put in that kind of work anymore. Instead I’ve dumb-ed it down a lot and simply made a list of characters (with any factions), places and just small significance and items that are useful. I already have a decent basis as to the whole campaign direction and some main players, but still not sold on the main adversary or how it’ll all go down. I’m basically winging it. Sue me.

If you haven’t (but have an interest in DnD,) listened to The Adventure Zone, amazing podcast that passes the time, about the McIlory’s playing dungeons and dragons with their father, hilarious and colorful. They’ve created a graphic novel about their Balance arc and I’m planning on getting it in the near future as I think it’s a wonderful idea. It makes me wish I was an artist because I think it’d be a great sentiment of doing it for our campaign because it plays out as a comedic comic. Wish I had a tablet (that had the pen……which I had). Fubar.

I’ve fluttered the Sphere screen a few times this week debating on whether I want to continue with all the projects I’ve got sitting on the hiatus tag, but the motivation and planning that it requires is leaving me uninterested. Another one of the things I need to just buckle in and get it done.

Can’t Foresee the Obvious…

Friday night we were able to sit down (albeit remotely) to venture out on the third leg of our adventure in the wondrous, yet incredibly unpredictable world of Star Wars. And I should of known it was bound to happen. I knew it was going to happen.

I’m extremely happy I didn’t go out and plan a whole helluva lot in this leg. Instead I jotted down some ideas on who/what they could encounter and things that may or may not happen, just basic story ideas depending how they wanted to approach the situation.

I threw a bunch of these characters in the cantina and ….. why… they bypassed pretty much everyone. So they decided to go to the star-ship docks, and did …. zero investigating, although they cleverly put the guards to sleep. This was essentially why didn’t really plan anything before hand because I thought they’d at least do some exploring or … you know talk to the patrons in the cantina. Yikes. Instead they go to a place with “super” guards and I say fuck it and pass the story on from there. I actually made a good voice/character/gang to build upon… til they killed them all. Thanks. So I decided to be a bit ruthless and kill one of them. That’s what you get. I wanted them to kill their earlier companion, but they sided with him and had a lengthy battle with the guards.

So yea, now they wanna revive him, this should be fun.

DM/GM problems…

For the betterment….

Wait, is that even a word? LIGAF.

I’ve been lounging around the house too damn long I think. I’m starting to actually do a lot more different things during the day and trying to get myself into a bit of a routine, you know, other than making an ass groove on the couch. Currently I’m trying to whip my ass in shape, so I’ve got a bit doughy in the last few years, and apparently staying home and baking/cooking is not exactly help curb that effect. So I’m doing some weight lifting along with a bunch of odd moved cardio, thanks to Beach body. Ha. Yea, still far from it. But It definitely a great feeling after I power through it and I hope to see the rewards of it in the coming weeks/months.

Friday night we decided to mud through the second leg of our campaign of Star Wars DnD. This round was a bit more relaxed for me as I didn’t do a whole bunch of prep for it outside of a couple of ideas and an enemy outline. This leg of the campaign saw the team get ejected from the ship (mainly to prevent them from stealing the ship) and wake up in the black sands desert of Socorro. They decided to follow some mysterious tracks near their initial site to a cave where they were ambushed by local Monnoks. The Monnoks retreated after their lost of two of their fellow brethren. After a extremely short investigation of the cave, they decided to proceed to the city of Cjaalysce. The curtains wrapped and we concluded for the night.

I’m still meddling through a lengthy C++ tutorial, currently investigating pointers and their uses and right now I feel like a have a small grip on everything and a decent handle on most of what is presented so far. But then they’ll bring something from a previous lesson and go… oh fuck, how does that work again? Having a decent grasp on JavaScript has definitely aided in a lot of the simpler concepts of the language. I’ll get there, eventually.

Today’s project: Making a portable golf ball cleaner. Well, attempting.

Attempting Progress…

After the somewhat successful first leg of our Star Wars DND campaign, I nearly immediately embarked on the second leg of the adventure, but then I hit a wall. I’m not sure if I’m just not motivated enough to do it, or that I put so much work into the first part and that it was taken for granted or what’s going on. It actually seems as though I’m convincing myself more and more to just wing it for the remainder of it. Maybe I’m just lazy? Like, super lazy… I’m thinking I’ll just bomb out a list of important people, items, places and enemy groups and just call it a day.

Yeah, that’s probably because I’m lazy, I get it. I don’t care.

56 days. That’s a long shitty time to not be at work. Cabin fever I think?

Anywho! I embarked on new journey to help, broaden my horizons as they say, I’m actually learning C++. Aside from the fact I’ve always wanted to learn, I’m actually doing it so I can see if I want to pursue that type of career as it seems I’m at a crossroads with my current profession. I’ve been laid off four times in the last six years, all varying in different lengths, but not having a solid, secure job is frustrating and I’m only getting older.


*<<, >> – still racking my brain to decide which one gets paired with what, stupid cin/cout.