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Wow… That was terrible…

I went ahead and watched District 9 last night, my god, that was such a piece of shit. Never, ever, ever, rent it when it comes out, it’s atrocious. Garbage.

Anyways, I ended up doing some Paperboy for the NES a bit earlier and my god, that is a hard damn game. I got to Tuesday and gave up nearly after that. I was pretty tempted to do what I did in Yo!Noid with playing around with save states to edge through the levels but got lazy. Then I switched to Zelda 2 for NES and started that up and I can’t find the god damn candle. What the hell. Its important, so where the fuck.

Anyways, this was a gar-balled post, just too tired to make real comments and opinions, maybe tomorrow night.


Its been a long day…

So Saturday night I decided to dabble in the world of alcohol, I fought an epic battle, and in the end I died. I woke up with a mild headache and hunger for thirst. In all this, I decided to sit down, and be lazy. All day. It was wonderful.

The main thing I did was really explore the idea of an alternate means of creating games, I fell into ROM hacking. I won’t go into specifics but my idea behind it was this, why not use an engine/means that was designed for that particular purpose. Bring the NES’ “Legend of Zelda” and SNES’ “Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past”. I basically played around and searched around, read article after article about ROMs, editing them and changing them. Here I thought it was a challenge to script in Sphere, Hex editing and level editing for a ROM, that’s something else. Yes I guess the entire engine and mechanics would already be laid out but, thus mechanics would be awfully hard to modify, unless I learn a great deal of both hex editing, C and ASM. Which would be great in the long haul as I’m totally for it. But I think Sphere would be do a better job for what  I want right now. I will dabble into this world in the future, possibly with something smaller (graphic editing or minor adjustments) at a later date.

What’s the plan then? I’m going to fire up Sphere and start scripting away with a dummy map. Add in all the game play mechanics while on the side I’m going to be doing layout designs for the areas of the game. So when I finish this entry I will either be plugging away in Sphere or I’ll be sleeping. We’ll see who wins.



I’ve been running around with a bunch of ideas in my head about the ‘new’ mousetrap and have been thinking about the original Zelda game quite a bit. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really enjoyed the puzzles in previous Zelda games, mainly The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (LTTP). So right now I’m a bit torn between the idea of a puzzles/story/drama game to more of an adventure-like/puzzles/combat game. Both in turn would be great, but one must decide to know where to draw the focus to. Both games are incredibly hard to pull off, a game without combat must have an engaging story and meaningful puzzles, while as a adventure game needs to have solid purpose (normally story driven) and a combat system that is not only (somewhat) unique, but something more importantly, not boring.

The biggest stumbling block for me currently is creating the map. I want to adhere to the style of the original Zelda, but I’m also exploring the idea of making it more like LTTP. I guess it depends on the type of game I want to create. Maybe I’ll post some notes that I’ve been making for the game soon. Also expect more pages added to the site in the coming days. My goal is to start doing a bit more editorial work like I’ve done in the past. I like articles.

I’ve also dabbed into the world of emulating a PlayStation. This is mainly to play Valkyre Profile, which is nearly impossible to find for a reasonable price. Oh how I wish I would of saved my copy. On a similar note I recently got my hands on a copy of Parasite Eve, I remember playing this with a friend and truly loving the game, even though it was a shade on the difficult side. I plan on testing that out in the near future.

I’m afraid I may go into the shadows in a couple weeks as NHL 10 rears its head into my living room soon. I can’t wait, it should absorb my life. Anyways, toodles!

Eventful, long Saturday night…

I spent most of my Saturday lounging around and relaxing as I was just in a lazy mood. I spent a good portion of the earlier morning hours watching 8-bit Death on Rob was playing the original Legend of Zelda on an emulator and broadcasting it for us all to see. Anyways, either he wasn’t familiar with the game or just not very video game savvy, so I decided to fire up my own play through. I ran all the way up to the 8th dungeon and my RockNES decided to freeze on me. I was pissed. Although it was a lot farther than I’ve been able to get on my actual NES, since that decides to reset or die periodically, I was still mad. So i was like, ok, whatever, I’ll restart and load up the save state. Yea, figures, just finished level six. So I stopped and watched Rob knock out Ganon.

Anyways, getting to the point of the story, I’m putting Mousetrap on hold for now (and for story issues), and have decided that I either want to make a re-tooled version of the original, a complete remake of the original on Sphere, or… make an entire new game but with the Legend of Zelda feel, basically the same mechanics (roughly) but with alternative graphics and objectives. Which bring me to another point, basically making a Mousetrap/Zelda cross. Which in theory (for me) would be ideal and rewarding experience for myself, something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m quite the fanboy. So maybe see some progress in the coming while, as long as I work on it. *snicker*