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Accomplished the Impossible…

So, Moral victory number one… I got my Legend card in NHL10.

Stupid crazy eh? I went home after work today with two determinations… do the dishes, or get the internet fixed. The main plan was to play one game of hockey, realize my internet is still fubared and then phone up Shaw and give them a wonderful piece of my mind. Instead, my internet seemed fine at the beginning with a couple of lapses which was expected with a 12-man game. So I finished with decent stats and rushed to check my performance tracker, still held up at a B+. So I plopped myself into another game, 3 on 4. Me and another guy were playing defense and had a human goalie, and the other team had an array of guys with a human goalie as well, so big deal. We jumped out early with a 1-0 lead. Anyways, after the game I was astonished to find that I was straight A+’s. A little baffled I decided to check out the hockey shop first and check to see if the Tough Guy boost pack was unlocked since that’s one of the things you get once you unlock your legend card. Hmmm.. nothing, needless to say I was a little bummed out, but decided to check out my performance tracker anyways.

There it was… all shiny and gold like. I finally did it. And all I wanted to do is phone up my buddies and spread the word, but then I realized that it would be 3am there and decided against it. The only draw back after I threw my points away and finished up a celebratory game is that …. hmmm… now what?

Now that my dishes are piling up and the night winding down a few things become immanent, its late in the day and more things to do in the morning. Yippy, off to bed I go so I can actually get some things done tomorrow.


I think I figured out where my anxiety is really coming from. Sure, you could argue the fact that a child support payment/situation is a bit more stressing but I’m starting to think that it’s coming from NHL 10.

Matt and myself played a great chunk Sunday and he finally achieved his legend card and thinking that I should be fairly close as well. Sadly I was still stuck at a B+. so whatever right? Well brad pops online and we get joined by Dave later on. Well bad went to worse to disastrous. It’s horribly frustrating when you play a game such as this at the best of times let alone at times where people don’t know what the hell they are doing. End result: no legend.

No updates on Mousetrap or any other sphere related projects. Although I am looking into iPhone development.


// glitch (glch)n. 1. A minor malfunction, mishap, or technical problem; a snag:

That pretty much sums it all up. I love NHL10 to death but there are people that should be shot. Should be banned. Should have their copies burnt. It’s a big pain in the ass when people exploit a simple thing and abuse the fuck out of it. Why can’t we all just enjoy the damn game for what it is?

So I’ve started a movement, I’m sending nasty and disturbing message to glitch-ers who abuse their privilege of playing the game. I’m fed up and EA is definitely not doing much about it, so I’m going to let other people know how I feel, then of course, the subsequent bad feedback that follows. Hopefully, when I’m done all I’ll have left to play against is the legit players who play the game for the sake of playing the game.

Watching bad/good old movies make think of bad quotes and inspirations of how I feel and what I’m thinking. For example.

‘life is only of cocktails and dreams, which ones you drink, which ones you fulfill and how you piece it all together’.

Which is additively true in my eyes, in reality, you can have whatever you truly desire, you just have to be willing to work for it. I got hit by a bombshell today. My ex-girlfriend (a bit of a diamond in the rough), is now a lesbian (or exceptionally bi-curious) as I found out today. I see her as the one that got away and truly believed she’d be a girl I could marry. But now, I feel less of a man. It kind of devastated me today. Which tales me to my next lovely inquiry. The letter. I re-opened it again today and started re-formatting it a bit and really, truly, reading what I had wrote. I was about to dabble a bit more with it, but had to close it off.

I have the horrible feel of crossroads. I’m terrible at decision making as it is, but I do have a keen eye for when I know when I have to make one. The bottom line, I want to be happy and comfortable in what I do and who I share my time with. My eyes were opened about three years ago by a now ex-friend about dating and relationships. He always wondered why sometimes I could “deal” with a relationship when I wanted something(one) else. Why I “wasted” my time on the experience of something rather than striving for what I wanted. The problem is that I’ve got stuck in the middle. I never really strive for what I want, but I rather just know what I have and know if its what I want. I flip from thing to thing, person to person trying to find if its hidden in them rather than seeking what I know I want. I guess I take what comes easy to me.

I guess it doesn’t help that I finished watching “Yes Man”.


So possibly a bit of neglect perhaps? Yea I’m thinking so!

Anyways, progress over the last month? Hmm… Nothing much to really speak of really. I haven’t touched Sphere at all, which means no work on either Mousetrap or Canasta. I’ve been dabbing a bit into ASM code and looking more and more into ROMs, but nothing to really convince me to go in that direction.

As for what I have been doing lately, I’ve recently tagged up with a girl and we’ve been spending a sick amount of time together which has been great. I have also in my possession a copy of NHL10. Which has been a life suck. I’m currently in the hunt for the Stanley Cup with the Columbus Blue Jackets (the team I got drafted by 1st overall) and we are in the semi finals against the Ducks. I also started up a tough guy on Defense, mainly to get a pair of 3 slotted skates for my player and I’m currently up with the big club in New Jersey, five games in and still up. Things are going good. Now to win another 5 or so fights to get my skates. On the side I’m also working through Battle for the Cup with every team (daunting task I must say, 7 game series with every team) and currently finished doing Boston, only 27 more teams. Good God.

Back to NHL I go!

The Land of Zombies…

I recently, also known as yesterday, had watched Zombieland. I thought it was pretty damn good. I really enjoyed Woody Harrelson and has peculiar antics. Definitely well worth the price of admission. Although it was a bit disappointing in length, it definitely didn’t make my ass sore like most new releases being at only an hour and a half long. They did however open it up to a possible sequel if they want to explore that avenue.

It was quite ironic that as I was picking up the girl before the movie I had seen a zombie walk downtown. I would say about 40 to 50 people wandering around aimlessly with face paint (or what I would gather as) down the streets. I’m only assuming they are still human.

“Fucking Bill Murray!”

Obviously I haven’t made much progress over the last couple weeks with much of anything, I’ve been either working myself senseless, hanging out with the girl or sleeping into abyss. I’m thinking I’ll try and be a bit more proactive and make the most of my time. Although NHL10 really seems to get in the way of doing anything productive in the least.

And like I said, “Fucking Bill Murray!”.

District 9…

Today before work had started my boss had said he seen District 9 the night before and said he barely even finished half the movie because it was just that bad. So, I’m going to see/torture myself to watch it tonight and see what I think of it. Cross your fingers.

I picked up NHL 10 earlier today and played it a bit earlier before work and a bit after work.  It’s absolutely amazing, although I’m really not a fan of the boosting system, I love the idea of custom equipment, but the bonuses are just a terrible idea. Thanks for fucking up a great game. I can wait to see a bunch of retards in camo gear. I started off a Be A Pro career first with my goalie and ended up getting drafted 2nd overall by Columbus, then a started a new one being a Defensive Defenseman and got drafted first overall. I’m thinking I unlocked a +3 boost somewhere because I have one now. Some of the custom stuff is pretty neat though. I really want the ninja looking stuff.

Hmm… maybe I should just make a Let’s Play on NHL10… haha. Actually I’m thinking of doing one Zelda II. We’ll see, I wasn’t too fond of it when I first played it.

I haven’t done any work on mouse this week, I plan on getting back into hopefully, but with NHL10 being out now, work could become pretty scarce. I’ll try tomorrow or hopefully on the weekend.


I’ve been running around with a bunch of ideas in my head about the ‘new’ mousetrap and have been thinking about the original Zelda game quite a bit. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really enjoyed the puzzles in previous Zelda games, mainly The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (LTTP). So right now I’m a bit torn between the idea of a puzzles/story/drama game to more of an adventure-like/puzzles/combat game. Both in turn would be great, but one must decide to know where to draw the focus to. Both games are incredibly hard to pull off, a game without combat must have an engaging story and meaningful puzzles, while as a adventure game needs to have solid purpose (normally story driven) and a combat system that is not only (somewhat) unique, but something more importantly, not boring.

The biggest stumbling block for me currently is creating the map. I want to adhere to the style of the original Zelda, but I’m also exploring the idea of making it more like LTTP. I guess it depends on the type of game I want to create. Maybe I’ll post some notes that I’ve been making for the game soon. Also expect more pages added to the site in the coming days. My goal is to start doing a bit more editorial work like I’ve done in the past. I like articles.

I’ve also dabbed into the world of emulating a PlayStation. This is mainly to play Valkyre Profile, which is nearly impossible to find for a reasonable price. Oh how I wish I would of saved my copy. On a similar note I recently got my hands on a copy of Parasite Eve, I remember playing this with a friend and truly loving the game, even though it was a shade on the difficult side. I plan on testing that out in the near future.

I’m afraid I may go into the shadows in a couple weeks as NHL 10 rears its head into my living room soon. I can’t wait, it should absorb my life. Anyways, toodles!

Avoided a hiccup…

I was watching comedy central this evening and watched the roast of Flavor Flav, or whatever the hell his name is. Anyways, I’m really enjoying their roasts and are generally fairly funny. Definitely hats off to Lisa Campanelli. Hysterical.

Anyways, I’ve implemented melding with picking up the pile in Canasta. It was at first thought, an easy insert and what I thought wouldn’t be much of a problem. Then I started adding it in…

I had to do a couple of re-writes of the pickup pile code and modified them fairly drastically to make things mesh together. I’m heavily considering a re-write of the entire menu/display code as I find myself re-using a bunch of function and a lot of it has been kind of copy & pasted. That will commence after I finish putting in the remembering sequences for the vertical menus and adding in the players’ foot hand.

I’ve been so excited to see all the changes they’ve made to NHL10 and have been anticipating this release until David Littman’s blog. Come on, funky equipment that gives you bonuses to your stats? Please… take that garbage out, that is ridiculous. I guess I’ll be giving the EASHL another pass again this year. First year is the juice/black hogans, now its pink gloves and camo gear. Thanks for taking a great game and blowing it at the finish line. I don’t mind the customation options of the gear, I like that, but the stats increases? Fuck off.