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Star Wars: Force and Destiny Review

Review (14.06.2017)

I’ve had some time to cool off and contemplate some of my initial feelings towards Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars role-playing series, ideally, Force and Destiny. Although I’ve only had one session for the game, acting as Game Master, there were a lot more bright spots than there was blemishes. And that is by far.

Although it hard to get past, getting a hold of a set of dice is close to a nightmare. Locally unavailable, and without travelling a long haul distance to procure a set, I had to order off a relatively unknown website (which was a scare after being unresponsive for a week), and then learning that it’s much easier with 3 sets (although 2 is more than enough IMO), I ordered from the American Barnes & Noble (at a hefty tag might I add). Now that everything’s arrived, its a bit of piece of mind.

The books themselves are a beautiful piece of work with nearly every page having a solid snip of art. The layout of the chapters are well positioned to their counterparts.

The good and the bad with the wording: Although simple to understand, a lot of the “rules” are quite vague and at times confusing as hell. After muddling through your first session you’ll find yourself rummaging through the book to find answers. That’s if you’ve mad it through building a character. It took three of us reading and re-reading to finally understand proper creation and the little specifics when it comes to careers & specializations, skills & characteristics and talents. It’s a lot to take in when its been a long time since we’ve done any RP.

I was quite skeptical about the special dice and all the possible outcomes. I was in the process of translating the game into a D20 style system because I didn’t believe in the dice. After playing a bit totally made me scrap that idea, the dice work. It’s a great system, once you understand it properly.

The initial quest provided by the book. Although I’m going to lay a lot of fault on myself, It is not overly worth using. It doesn’t help get in the mood to play. You’re much better off skimming the story and prepping your own. It doesn’t really aid the GM in terms of what are some options for when/if the PC’s fail. I think I missed the entire reason why the characters were even doing what they were doing, so yes, a lot of my complaints about the published stories is most likely my own fault.

The best advice I could offer a future GM is to read that core rule book cover to cover.

I’ll update this at a later date as we get more into this.

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