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Long day of testing…

screenshot 2015.03.16

It’s been tedious task testing a bunch of different scenarios and as many as I can possibly think of. There’s only so much I can truly go through until I need a separate brain to go ahead and think differently, so, with that in mind, I plan on a March 20 release date, so stay tuned & glued to this blog for your opportunity to claim this as your own.

(edit: I put the same date as the publish date as this post, that of course is incorrect, kind of a scatterbrain, the release is planned for March 20th.)

I’m going to spend the rest of the week polishing and omitting debug/testing, and non-vanilla data that will just inflate the file size (although I think it sits under 1 MB in size).

New home, eventually…

Please ignore some ‘confusing’ notations about the new site as you’re reading this from WordPress. This blog post is the inaugural post over at and reflects it being read from there and is merely re-blogged from there until all modifications have been made to that site that this one then becomes a bit “disfunct”.¬†

I didn’t really bite the bullet per say, I’ve never actually even held a real life bullet. I guess I’ve never had the opportunity or really the desire to do so. It is however on my bucket list to fire a weapon, I just would love to know the feeling. I am only curious about the feel of it.

Anyway, I’ve bitten the bullet (metaphorically).
I registered a domain name. It took a little bit to really figure out what I really wanted to register, I just couldn’t overly decide what until I came to the conclusion I wanted something I could potentially re-use or generalize onto something else. Thus, the ‘Righteous Pickle’. It honestly doesn’t really mean anything, the first thing I tried was bluepickle, but it was taken. I couldn’t really come up with much so I meandered on the site for a good few days before I finally caved. Boom… registered.

I guess I should back the story up a smidgen.

I honestly only registered this site because I needed a non free/super uncommon email address to register for Asobrain’s now much stricter registration page. Yep, the registration is back open again. Get it while it’s hot. Unfortunately, a glitch or something my host seems to block in my email I was unable to attain the registration email needed to continue, so I basically set this all up un-refundable for really…. nothing.

Traders is coming along smoothly, I really should of been finished this project a lot sooner than the rate I’ve been going, but I’ve been polishing up a bunch of aspects of the game, I’ve added a little bit of minor flare to the game, the chat is now updated to a better, cleaner looking approach, and there is now an indicator for each player’s color in the top left corner of the window displaying their color. Next up for Traders is the updating system which is mainly unfinished/not started. After that, exceptionally long testing phase. Yippee.

Please enjoy the new site, and ignore the errors, mistakes, ugliness, design flaws and being not-so-user-friendly-ness. I’m a programmer not an artist/webmaster/ringmaster/IT dude.

Options! Choices!

Instead of sleeping last night and taking some time after jolly good work time today, I’ve added some options to the lobby. You can look down now… if you haven’t already (Gold Star!).

screenshot 2014.09.24


As you can see, added three new standard options for game play, “No robber on 2pts”, which doesn’t invoke the robber’s steal a card mentality until the victim as at least 3 points. It’s a rather common agreed upon rule in most circles. Secondly we have “Add Boats”. Although this option will likely be greyed out for the foreseeable future for now (because I’m too lazy at the moment to tackle it). Although, just now thinking about it, it really wouldn’t be that difficult. Hmmm, maybe I’ll sit down some in the near future when I have enough time and tackle it. It’s nice having a plan!

The last one, “Add Gold Mines”, they simply act as a wild card resource. It acts as a regular resource tile but when it is rolled, it will prompt for you to choose what resource you’d like to acquire. This feature has yet to be implemented but a lot of the ground work has been handled for this already since Year of plenty handled the more difficult aspects of it.

You might also notice the “How many VPs to Win” caption on the bottom. You can select how many victory points the winner must attain. This is fully functional in all aspects of it. You can select any of the options, it highlights in green as you hover over it and turns white if you click.

You may notice as well in this screen some of the map names, they are simply test names as a database isn’t yet made. I’m still working out some of the bugs with loading hand made maps using the separate program ‘MapMaker’, as soon as that is fleshed out, it’ll load up the database of saved maps from the server.

So… currently my current to do list is as follows before release!
– clients logging into the server; currently, as I found out testing is that multiple people can use the same account info and get into the same server session. So essentially you can play copies of yourself.
Рget a real database of maps, which is actually really easy to do, coming with this is the need to finish up MapMaker;  just not high up on the list of nagging issues.
– boats; which I’ve discovered will be really easy to do. Maaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyybbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeee I’ll do it tonight….. (doubt it, I feel like NHL15).
– make new tiles and add in Gold Mines and “uncharted land”. Uncharted land functionality won’t be integrated until after initial release.
– Polish. Not the language/nationality, polish (think shiny). I need to re-implement the “updates” animation handler. I wanted to make sure I had everything handled before I re-built the handler so I knew all the functionality that it needed. So in turn, I’ve left it for last. Therefore, until this gets completed, the game won’t get released.
– I also want to change up the chat function a bit again as looking at it makes it look clunky and … well… ugly as sin. I’ll tie that tag into polish as well.

Back to the grind stone!


After taking a bit of a break away from polishing up Traders, which is going … alright. Is it funny that it seems redundant to over polish something? Feels like I’m adding some really unnecessary visuals. I think I’m going to tone down some of the effects and worry more about the important effects, such as the transferring of the largest army and longest road, point collecting, new leaders, more or less, not-so-obvious details that need the players’ attention. More on this on a later date.

Anyway, about brainstorming, I’ve been trying to find a good starting point about more direction/motivation about mousetrap, and well, I’ve tried to come up with more concrete definitives about the game. As it appears, I’m a bit torn between the idea of having an open world exploration (what I want) and a little more linear RPG (what my story pertains to). Although, I’ve come up with some good ways to explore the systems that I want to make. It could very well be the best of both worlds. Therefore, I thinking the story may have to be re-written. Nothing major really, just more in the presentation more than anything. Once some more thoughts and planning go into the game, more production can continue. I’ve also come to the idea where a second player, not necessarily human controlled, can come into play. Human controlled could be quite fortuitous as well, but CPU based will be primarily of concern first.

I might show some development sketches in a few days (mainly rough mapping, random scribbles, ugly ugly pictures). But I doubt I ever will.

Shaping up…

I rewrote the animate handler. I made it so it would take an array of items. This way I can do multiple things at a time and quite easily. Next up for canasta is rewriting a couple of old animations to look smoother and just overall nicer. After that it is time to work on wild cards. So far you can only place them with more wilds. That will pretty much be the end of user actions. I’m hoping to start on the AI later this week. I still have most of my logic done for that in the previous version. Id say the game is probably 50% done. Most likely more. I really wanna make this game as polished as I can.

I haven’t even thought about completing catan or starting production of mouse. Right now my mindset is on canasta. I want to finish that game while Im on that kick. Then I can re-concentrate my efforts on those games. I think I owe it to myself to finish one game in 15 years.

Depressing when I put it that way.