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Taking way more time than anticipated…

Pixel art is hard.

Pixel art is very hard for me.

I hate that I’m not good at it. Currently, my biggest problem is maintaining perspective/depth with all the conjoining tiles. I’m constantly trying something, deleting something else, then, eventually, deleting it all. Frustrating to say the least. Then, I ran into a small issue. I forgot about the sprite size. I was wondering why something felt small and kind of awkward, then I made a placeholder for the character. Well shit. You see, it turns out the dummy sprite I was using I forgot to up-scale it to the new resolution from the old prototype. So, I tossed the new tiles in the dumpster.

Back to square one for tiling/mapping.

Let’s talk about a new addiction. (This is why I can’t do drugs, I’ve got an addictive personality.)

Magic. Magic the Gathering, magic. I kind of stumbled upon it the other day cleaning up some old storage items and found a collection I had started when Core 2015 came out. I remember being bored and decided to start collecting and possibly get back into it. I can’t say I’m really committed to the idea just yet, but I did download MTG Arena, which I did stumble upon on twitch one night when I was bored. What I had thought it was players playing real magic against each other (since it was a Friday night). After some research, I found the game on windows and delved right into it. I really liked how it trained you how to play, what cards do what and it’s very easy to learn, since the game has changed so much since I last played (some time in the ’90s).

Long story short, in the coming weeks I’ll finally complete the Core 2015 set, card 1 to 269. Of course I don’t have all the foils. It’s simply a mix of foils and regular finishes (since when did they have to make a special finish, like fuck off, it’s hard enough to collect rares). After investing some $, I started doing some research as to what set I may want to collect next, I was thinking Core 2019, but I haven’t been attached to the idea and looking at the extent of cards, I’m not sure the risk/reward is worth the investment to complete that set. I was looking at Ultimate Masters, and the list of cards and their prices got me a bit excited, until I saw the prices to buy boosters (and booster box). Yikes.

Short animation?

I’m not sure if this will work, but I’ll post it anyways.

Sorry for the awful quality…

It’s supposed to be a short animation (GIF) of how things are progressing with my little… technical demo nightmare. Actually, things are progressing quite well as I’ve had time to sort through a bunch of plausible outcomes. I’m continually making all of the actions, key presses, map events totally robust and flexible.

As from the animation, you can see I’ve settled on a old school screen by screen type of game play a la the original Legend of Zelda on the NES. I was always a big fan of the game. Of course I could always limit this to “dungeons” or other areas, it definitely isn’t totally restricted. This is just simply exiting the frame of the camera by stepping on an exit tile.

Just accomplished this morning I’ve managed to load all of the interactions of the map from a single text file. The plan is to now be able to manipulate the map by placing different objects around the world, saving those new events, and then being able to re-load the map, with the updated changes.

This is basically a small todo/tasklist I’ve compiled
– saving current map on exiting the current map/saving the game.
– finding dialogue/stepped dialogue from text files
– NPC movement (random, fixed)
– changing maps
– new game, load game, settings, exit game options when game is started
– save game, save and exit game, exit game menu while in game.

Back to the grind stone…

Jedi live on…

I hustled out of the house on my day off to snap up a copy of this great title. As most of you know, I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and this is definitely one of my favorites in the series. They’re the only DVDs (Blu-ray), that I buy now a days, and I definitely get my use out of them.

I put it on this afternoon as soon as I could get the cellophane off the cover. It definitely didn’t give me the chills of a new Star Wars movie like it did in the theater, although, I was pre-occupied with Sphere (yes, I had it open, and I was working!).  I still thoroughly enjoyed it, as per usual.

My only beef with the movie is that it doesn’t answer any questions about anything, except to add more speculation about Rey’s parents and who the hell is Snoke. Maybe episode nine… (insert eye rolling smiley here).


I’ve spent the better part of the last few days re-factoring and modifying Traders to make the code a little more versatile in terms of structure and being able to move things freely and a lot easier.. ly? Ha. After I’ve gone through this mess I have a couple of mini-projects to complete with it. First I’m going to add in a few more maps to the system, I’ve already test ran the MapMaker again and added in a new one, fixed a few things, after adding more maps though, I’m going to officially add boats to the game (framework basically there, just need some testing), then gold mines will be brought (fully) into the fold.

So here’s my itinerary:
– Finish re-factoring
– Add more maps (~5)
– Boats
– Gold Mines
– Rolling to see who starts (axed it before 1.0, made it simply random to see who goes first)
–  Bank trade reworking (multiple demands/offers, smarter trades)
– Hot keys/short cuts
– Better number placements (avoid 6’s & 8’s near each other, and like numbers beside each other)

Features on the docket:
– Barbarian attack (Cities & Knights)
– discover-able land & Gain resource
– Cities & Knights play mode
– Columbus Point (Seafarers)
– Fixing numbers (MapMaker)
– Bots (AI)
– Real lobby

So that’s where I’m at with Sphere, currently I don’t have any plans to continue with Mouse or Canasta at this time, but they are not thrown away as of now, I just don’t have the time to continue all the projects I’ve started.


So I’ve been toying around a lot with a lot of Sphere functions that I haven’t really used all that much. Mainly things to do with the map engine. In all honesty I haven’t used the map engine at all really, mainly I’ve been working with pictures and blitting within the engine itself, not touching the tile sets/map making aspect that is needed to make RPG’s and the like. So in that instance, the learning is more of a trial and error approach.

So far, I’ve found that SetRenderScript is a bitch. It’s a bitch if you’ve got an error in it too. It doesn’t reference a line in which the error occurs, so you’ve got to be careful. I’ve had to re-write the game a couple of times thinking it was simply messing up with my way of thinking, only to find out that I had a small reference error.

After getting some bone-head errors and what not out of the way, the opening scene is coming along, still a lot of work to be done, but it’s getting there.

screenshot 2015.04.07 2015.04.07

Quick update before the weekend

I re-worked a lot of the numbering code the last couple of nights because I felt like it wasn’t … for a lack of better terms… being nice. It seemed to default on simply adding more 2’s and 12’s. I revised it once then and first made it so the supply was balanced, then randomized the remaining pieces left over .

It seemed okay, but then I looked a bit deeper and noticed that the actual set gives you a certain amount of each number. So, back to the board. I properly dispersed the numbers again, and now its … pretty, again.

screenshot 2014.11.28

So now, it’s just converting the random hexes to actual hexes. From there the game can resume normally to what I already have. Then all I have to do is handle winning and stats. Boom.

Just a motoring along…

What’s with all these blog posts?

It may actually be because I’ve had some time to work on Traders, and, believe it or not, I’m making some progress. mapMaker is basically complete, there are a couple of known issues with it, but from my stand-point, its not really a glitch/bug, just more of a behavioural issue that some people may get annoyed with it. I don’t necessarily find it annoying because to re-create it, you have to have a heavy mouse finger. Even as that is, it doesn’t crash or modify anything, it would be just something you’d live with until I felt the need to correct it. Of course there are a few things that could be more aesthetically appealing, but for now, functionality is the main concern.

screenshot 2014.11.18 corner updater: disable/enable.

Right now, whenever you place a valid hex (being anything other than a water/port tile) the corners surrounding that hex become live (available) to the players. Everything is defaulted to be disabled. All this information is saved within the contents of a “map save”.

I’m going to create a couple more default maps that can be used in game-play, then I’m going to work on loading that information into the actual game itself. It should be painless and hopefully have everything working by the end of the week.

I should totally be sleeping.

I should be in bed. I’m tired and I still have school tomorrow. I’m not concerned about being tired for the day, I’m more concerned about sleeping in. It appears the apprenticeship program has very little tolerance for attendance, but really, I can’t blame them. The course is a staggering quick 8 weeks of time. Goes by in a jiffy, even faster if you’re unaware what is going on.

So yeah…. I’ve been hard at work remodelling the mapMaker portion of Traders. It likely won’t get a release with the client/server relationship package, but it may very well sneak in. I just won’t have any guides for it. I’ve updated it for the new layout and tiles and fixed some errors that previously existed. It isn’t finished quite yet, I’m hoping early next week I’ll conquer the the custom ports portion of it, then all I have to do is make some maps with it.

screenshot 2014.11.14 recognize this map 🙂

The second hurdle of the entire thing is inserting this into the frame of the server/client. I don’t particularly foresee any issues immediately based on how I’ve built them, but I’m sure there will be hiccups.

After these two steps, we’ll be well on our way to release. It’s only the matter of more testing and checking. All is soon well.

I’m going to bed.