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Back in black!

That was an exceptionally long two months. It felt like I was on an island. Oh well, all is good. I have a new job and I passed my schooling. The question is, how long until I have to go back, who knows actually. In less than a year any way! Its not now and won’t be for a little while. Thankfully. It was two months solid of brain activity. Now back to realizing I’m out of shape.

Now I’m off crushing bugs in CCCCC! I’ve killed off a couple already and currently working on a couple more that I’ve overlooked. I’m also in the process of adding a couple of needed features, mainly roll statistics graphing (so you can see how weighted the rolls have been) and a better turn indicator. I’ve noticed when I’ve been debugging that I find it hard to remember who’s turn it is after I’ve done some notes.

Anyway, back to the cave!

Bouncing like a Whore…

I flew out of the gate working with Canasta to begin with, but as the finish line showed its beautiful head, I decided to take a quick break to freshen up the noodle a bit. I started up production on MouseTrap. I made up a HUD and some basic controls. After I hit a little bit of a mental block, I re-opened up Catan. I miss playing that game. Damn it. I gotta call the boys up for a sit down game. Or… I guess I could finish this?

I need to re-focus and finish something!


I don’t really even know what’s more deja-vu-esque… The fact that I don’t update much at all, or the fact that the below screenshot is a lot like one I posted about a year ago (Maybe more?). I’ve been off and on working on it, but it’s honestly been a bit of a struggle. I want to finish it, I really do.

I’ve been pouring in a lot of ideas for Mouse lately, mainly into my phone. Just a lot of brainstorming ideas, things andĀ titbitsĀ (haha, love the autocorrect). But to be truthful, I’m not sure where to start with production. I’ve been trying (attempting) to make games for over a decade and this one has me well under-prepared. Lots of ideas, good grasp as to what the game will pan out to be, but just don’t have a good solid starting point. Well, not where I want to start that is.

C’est la vie.

Same ol’ story…

I’ve been struggling to find motivation to really work on either game. I’m thinking its because we haven’t gathered around and played Catan lately, it could also be that I let my xbox live subscription run out on purpose. I haven’t really played any games, at all lately. I’ve fired up Diablo 3 on a couple of occasions, but I haven’t played much more than an hour.

Its not even like I don’t have the time to do it, its just I can’t force myself to really sit down and power through it. I’ve started re-writing (yea, big surprise there) the game to (hopefully) make it run smoother and more efficient. Ill crack down and actually work on it more, I’m hoping anyways.

Slaving in the Hive…

I’ve been a little busy bee as of late. I’ve done a lot of work lately on Catan and I’m really starting to see the fruits of my labor. But then, I decided to write a little more detailed ‘to-do’ list and then I started to see all the things I’ve yet to do.

Instead though, I’m going to plow through what you can now do with the Server/Client interaction. As expressed before you can place roads, settlements and cities provided you have the resources, but now I re-fined that and now you have to actually have the pieces to place them. I also double checked to make sure you were able to make a legal move with that piece, so you won’t be stuck in hiatus trying to place something you have nowhere to place. I plan on adding an escape key/button to allow you change your mind.

With cities and settlements come victory points. Now you’re able to see how many points your opponents have and updated as soon as it happens, “([points]) Player_Name” fashion. I’ve also started working on using the development cards, currently you can play a soldier card to invoke the robber and steal resources from your opponents, if there is more than one opponent connected to that resource, you can choose who you rob. This also applies to playing the robber when a “7” is rolled. I’ve also put the cap in when you have an excess of 7 cards in your hand you must discard half of your hand, this is finished. It will also wait to make sure all players have discarded their cards before you’re able to place the robber.

You can now play victory points as well. I’ve sectioned off a part to show your table cards, this will display any soldiers or victory points you’ve played, as soon will show if you have the longest road and/or the largest army.

The neatest thing I’ve added in is a debug console for the server, so I can check variables, run functions and keep an internal log of what’s going on, rather than clogging a print function.

The plan is to make little versions of the soldiers/victory point cards for the other players’ display, Then I’m going to work on trading and fiddle with that as that will be a bit of an undertaking. I’m also going to work at the other player’s display a bit, I want to add in all players and have a way of seeing who’s turn it is a bit easier. I have a ton of notifications to do yet, but I’m slowly kicking stuff off the to-do list.

I fixed a bunch of minor bugs as well, mainly a few minor oversights that would of been caught eventually, but sooner the better. Good news though, I’m fairly certain I squashed the server re-rolling bug that I’ve been having. Should be finally OK now.

No new images, I was too lazy to take one, maybe next time.

The word ‘hiatus’ should be deleted…

Frankly I’m too good at putting things on a hiatus. Way too many projects and goals. Since January flew out the window already this year, I figure I might as well start anew in February.

New Projects on the rise:

Settlers of Catan; First version will be a replica of original game in board game form, but instead, mainly made out of metal. Although I’m considering using the original wooden pieces since I’m having a hard time finding either another wooden piece, or aluminum bits to replace them. I have found wooden replacements for the robber(s), towns and possibly cities. I’ve already made 53 hexagon pieces, 10 for each resource and 3 deserts. I’m considering changing it to add ‘gold mines’ to the mix. I’m not sure how many of each is really required for our game. The entire idea came from our regular game when I’m back in Saskatchewan on holidays, usually we play with extra tiles, a couple of robbers and a different set of numbers.

Second version: A computer version. You see, the problem being that Asobrain closed down registration early last year (or the one before that) so my friends and I couldn’t re-register our accounts. So, in turn, I’ve been busy learning Java and I’m hoping to replicate said site. So this project will be in production until one of three things happen, I finish this project, I beg Aso and Brain for their code and they give it to me, or, they re-open their registration again.

Finish Canasta and Mouse.

I’ve yet to actually start on the computer version of Settlers of Catan as I’m still attempting to learn java. I’m getting most of the concepts and structures of the language, still haven’t got to the point where I can actually start production on the project.

More later.

Hmmph, Not even going to go there…

I’m just going to ignore the fact that I haven’t updated since April and just get on with it. Oh crap, I just acknowledged the fact. Did you know that every time I think of ‘acknowledge’ I think of admiral Akbar in Star Wars? Sure do, fun fact. Anyways, I’ve been doing some diligent work on Canasta as of late and I’m nearly finished all of what the player is able to do. Well actually, the player can do everything they choose, I just have to limit them so that all their moves are legal. The only few things I have left to do is limit the ability to “go out” when they aren’t legal to do so. At first I was going to penalize them if they were to, but that wouldn’t be true as to how my family plays the game. However, later on I will add this as an option, but that’s simply aesthetic. After I’m finished that little blub (which will be completed later today), I’ll be working on counting points and resetting the hand to the next one. That also includes adding in some sort of score sheet that can be displayed directly after that hand finishes, and call be called at any time during play.

NHL11 came out just over a month ago and I’ve been hooked yet again, that could be the reason for lack of updates, but needless to say, it’s absolutely fantastic, there isn’t nearly as many glitches in the game as previous couple of years, but they are relatively easier to protect against so the game isn’t as painful to play. I also made Legend status a few days, at my 151st game. Which is crazy. You need to play 150 games and have an A- rating to earn it, so doing it with just an extra game attached was a bit unheard of. Last year I think I played nearly 300 games before I got it. I’m really enjoying this game this year, I’m just hoping they’d tune it just a bit more yet, but I can’t wait for the monthly playoffs again as it was truly a great experience.

Enough for today, like I’ve said before, I’ll try and be a bit more cognizant in the future with this blog… but you know, it happens.