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I should totally be sleeping.

I should be in bed. I’m tired and I still have school tomorrow. I’m not concerned about being tired for the day, I’m more concerned about sleeping in. It appears the apprenticeship program has very little tolerance for attendance, but really, I can’t blame them. The course is a staggering quick 8 weeks of time. Goes by in a jiffy, even faster if you’re unaware what is going on.

So yeah…. I’ve been hard at work remodelling the mapMaker portion of Traders. It likely won’t get a release with the client/server relationship package, but it may very well sneak in. I just won’t have any guides for it. I’ve updated it for the new layout and tiles and fixed some errors that previously existed. It isn’t finished quite yet, I’m hoping early next week I’ll conquer the the custom ports portion of it, then all I have to do is make some maps with it.

screenshot 2014.11.14 recognize this map 🙂

The second hurdle of the entire thing is inserting this into the frame of the server/client. I don’t particularly foresee any issues immediately based on how I’ve built them, but I’m sure there will be hiccups.

After these two steps, we’ll be well on our way to release. It’s only the matter of more testing and checking. All is soon well.

I’m going to bed.

Rolling Along…

I got past a couple of hurdles the past few days for Catan. I got the beginning rolls out of the way and the server handles the results and spits back a winner. That winner can now choose their starting settlement and road. I haven’t handled the rotation in which the players go. Its a simple snippet, just not finished. I also have to bring over the occupied code from the old server/client set. Once I finish a few handlers a lot of the work left is converting the rest of the code to the new style.

I’m up in the air in what to do with mouse. I really wanna finish it and make the great game I have imagined. However at times (most of the time) I feel I don’t have enough planned out to start or not enough abilities to actually do what I need to do.

I wish I was an artist.

I have another project in which I want to do but I know I should hold off until at the very least canasta or Catan is finished. Ill tell you one thing though is that the game is heavily based off clash of clans and warcraft 3. if you haven’t tried or played Clash of Clans. I highly suggest you do!

Taking Shape…

The last week or more I’ve been humming through the implementation that is the trading window. Right as it stands all I really have completed is the server side code, I haven’t translated it to the client so that the two sides can converse. I’ve attached a screenshot below to show it in action, the clients’ counter offer is simulated for test purposes, however you’re able to click the resources on and off and in any order. You can also propose trades to the other players. The bank is somewhat smart, it’ll let you do 4:1 trades, I still have yet to do ports. I think I’m gonna pop them in last.

Anyways, I’m tongue-tied.


I’ve been hammering away on Catan lately and I’ve finally accomplished some major steps. I once feared I had to hard-code a few things and manually enter in a lot of information. Thankfully however, I managed to squeeze out a nasty algorithm to do the work for me. To break it all down, you can choose a name, connect to a hosted game, receive the server generated board (randomly dispersed tiles), receive the numbered tiles (a late addition of having the 6’s & 8’s colored red), send/receive messages by pressing the ‘enter’ key to initiate and ‘enter’ again to send. All messages are colored coded to each player. You can now roll the dice to see who goes first, then starting with that player you can place your starting settlement with adjacent road. Continues til all players have placed their two settlements then the game starts. I’ll be working on distributing resources next.

Sorry no screens this time, maybe next time…. hopefully sooner than what, a month? Ooops.