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Just making progress… progress like a snail!

I didn’t really put my new project on hold (the CCG if you missed late last week’s post), I just got a bit of wrist cramp. It’s a pain in the butt making dummy cards for testing. I’ve only made … about 15-20 cards, and realistically I need to make about 120-125 cards just to test. Then, as I’m testing I may need to modify nearly all of them. Which is a hinder. I’m currently toying with the idea in creating a small (rather large actually) program to handle testing. It’d be a hybrid from Canasta’s code, but simply with no AI. Just wondering if it’d be more hassle than it’d be worth. But, I love challenges as such, especially with something I’m passionate about.

Anyway, I made progress on Traders. Yeah! Nothing stupid crazy (or really all that useful?), but I forgot what I was working on before, which I remembered after I started what I finished. Blah… I created this…


It’s a latency bar! Which ironically looks like a cell phone connection ladder. The main thing is that it works. Eventually I’ll be adding in disconnections, lagging out that sort of thing, but at least you’ll be able to compare your connection to the server as well as your opponents’ connection to the server. It’ll be particularly more useful if I end up building a basic game lobby where all users connect to before branching off to their individual games. Although it is not currently in the plans as of yet and won’t be looked at until after initial release.

Right now, I’m concentrating on player profiles and connectivity. From what I’ve currently tested, everything works and you can essentially play the game. I still need to add in game options in the lobby, mainly ‘No robbing on 2pts’ and how many vp’s are needed to win the game. Both are really easy to implement, so maybe I’ll tackle both of those tonight before bed? Or maybe I’ll play NHL, or Diablo III or start constructing CCG on Sphere…. hmmm, the possibilities!

Being ill is not advised…

After a good few weeks battling a nasty little cold/flu, I think I can say I’m on the up and up. You see, I’m very stubborn. If I feel a certain way about something, that’s the way I see it. I’ll see it that way until someone/something or time proves otherwise. Secondly, I hate taking medications. I hold off until the bitter end. Well, that finally came up when I had a hard time sleeping through the night, and trust me, I love my sleep. Of course I still feel like a bag of ass, but I’m much better now.

So let’s talk about delays shall we? I was hoping to finish Traders before I head back to school in late October, but I’m feeling it isn’t about to happen. I can hear the vast following (har har) sighing. But here’s what’s up. First and foremost, (and already mentioned), I’ve felt like crap. There has been days where I haven’t even turned on my computer to look at it. And honestly, my computer is on nearly every minute I’m at home, so that’s an oddity.

Next, NHL15 came out a couple of weeks ago (well, little more than a week, but I don’t count… [yeah I do]… ), and I’m deeply involved yet again even though I haven’t been able to play a whole bunch as of late. I’ve also fired up Diablo III (xbox360) again and have been playing that off and on when the friends aren’t able to play NHL.

And down the ladder, hockey season is about to roar up again. That means ball hockey is coming back, WHL hockey starts tomorrow and the NHL camps are under-way this week. Lots of days are getting eaten up just by hobbies.


A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away), I used to play a lot of card games. I’m not talking about ‘Canasta’, although I did play a lot of those cards back in the day, and still do. I’m talking about CCG’s. Collectible Card Games. I’m very determined to collect sets and I NEED to have all the cards. This is troublesome when it comes to a wide variety of games that I used to play. Bare with my nerdy-ness… I played Magic: The Gathering, OverPower, Star Wars CCG and Pokemon. Yeah, I even played fucking Pokemon. That’s a lot of dineros. The worst part is that I’ve kind of got back into Magic. I bought a few packs and decided to not really play, but just to collect. I found my old card collecting sheets and placed the ones I’ve got in their respected slots. Well… I’m only 24 cards short of the set now. Ooops. But any way, that wasn’t the point I was going to get to.

This is…

I’m creating my own CCG. It’s yet to be named. It’s a interesting hybrid of Magic and Star Wars with some familiar DnD elements. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll end up posting a project page when I get more of the rules finalized and some testing done. I’m currently in the process of creating cards from a database I’ve created. These cards are simple placeholders and hold the vital information for testing. They have no names but rather just the information. Maybe I’ll be on Dragon’s Den some day?

Peace out!

Crisis Adverted….

I had a bit of a panic attack the last few weeks. I’ve been working on Canasta, implementing the AI, thinking I’ve had the first set of logic completed, ran the test and then I saw a nasty error message.

“Out of Memory”

Fuck me.

I left the project for a couple weeks. I was pretty frustrated. I kept running the code through my mind trying to find the problem and figure out what was causing the leak. Then BOOM! I found it. I use an animate handler that was getting overflowed with information. So in turn I created a animate Query handler to hold the next animate object before it needs to be processed. Thus cutting all the information required to be held at any given time to nearly nothing.

I’ve worked out the kinks the last couple days and now I’m good to hit the next step in the AI, hand control and going into their foot. Bring on the logical nightmares!

In other bloated news, I’ve been slowly documenting odd ideas and pieces of information for Mouse, but in all honesty, I’m not sure where to start. I have this great big vast idea for this game, but not sure how to present it. I have two main dilemmas, first being the perspective, I can’t decide if it going to be a side scroller (think Zelda 2 and Castle Crashers), or do I want to do a more traditional style (Zelda LTTP, FF series). The second dilemma, enemies and user drive. In one way I want to have a world of puzzles and misconception, then in the opposite direction, I want the world to play out like Diablo/Guild Wars type of world. The best, ultimately, would be a good mix of both ideas.


I’ve updated the pages for Catan and Mouse, I added the screenshots I’ve uploaded to the website, I’ll search a few locations to see what else I have lying around on my hard drive. Not guaranteeing much, but I’ll see.

I’ve putz’ed around on Catan the last few days, more or less just checking things out, trying to find motivation.  I did however throw in Diablo 3 and beat up the second act. Now on to the third, I really need to find time playing this game. I’ll have to beat it before Diablo 4 comes out. Yikes.

Diablo Intermission…

I’ve took a bit of a break from making games lately. Notably for lack of motivation and the stress of summer. You see, I tend to burn my candle at both ends during the summer months. I play a lot of ball hockey, I golf a lot and I also play ball. It also tends to be the time where my friends and I have a few beverages, which makes me hungover a lot of my free time on the weekends. I’ve owned Diablo III since it came out and have yet to really play it as much as I’ve wanted. The game feels different, really different. I like it, don’t get me wrong, but it feels like WOW. It’s not Diablo, its a weird mix of the idea/characters and then made into some sort of hybrid of WOW, Diablo and Harry Potter.

I don’t hate the game, I’m just a bit disappointed that they tried to make WOW players comfortable. If I wanted to play WOW, I’ll play WOW, let me play the game I feel in love with. I think my biggest beef with the game is cool downs, I’m sorry, but when I was in trouble in Diablo(2), I’d make sure my belt was full of potions and had an escape plan. I miss having items be different sizes in my inventory. I hate not hearing every 20 minutes “I’m overburden”. Give me an updated and new maps of Diablo 2 and I’d be pleased to the 9’s.

I started my first ever hardcore character after I reached Level 10 the first time, I made up to a level 15 with a wizard. I’m subsequently got slayed due to lag. Like seriously, do I have to be online all the time to play? That’s a joke.