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I spend a lot of time starring at the computer screen with the editor open and just sitting there with a blank face. I tend to occupy that time with Netflix on in the background. More often than not, I find myself paying more attention to the movie or the show that’s on than the screen two inches in front of my face.

I remember roughly eight years ago I couldn’t wait to get off work to come home, fire up a movie and hit up the editor and I just recall going to town. The motivation was uncanny. I didn’t have to sit and ponder up/make a decision in regards to the game, I just did it. Where’d that go?

I also remember one of the true passions behind Traders. It started out because of Asobrain locking up its doors and the lack of means to play Catan regularly. It was a perfect project. There was no planning needed. I knew what to do, what had to be done and how it all worked. I learnt a lot from that project. I learned the in’s and out’s of Sphere’s networking capabilities and I further immersed myself in Javascript as a whole. I’m proud I finished it. I really should step aside and conquer Canasta. but the desire for that is simply not there.

I have so many dreams for Mouse. I catch myself daydreaming about how I view the game in what could be its glory. I can recall the intro and the start of the game before the player has control then it muffles. My vision gets clouded.

Umm… plan? Yea, I’ve got one… kind of.

Right now, my thoughts are this. I’m going to make my hybrid of the two ideas I’ve been fighting with this past while. I’m going to make a “generic” type game that excludes Mouse’s key story/game-play thoughts that make that unique.

“Wait, that doesn’t make sense.”

Here’s my reasoning. I’m going to make this game as much as I can, with the spare/scrap ideas I’ve had before, and with that hope I can concrete the main points/game-play for mouse by this sort of, trial & error. Who knows, sometimes this is how beauty is found. We’ll see.

New home, eventually…

Please ignore some ‘confusing’ notations about the new site as you’re reading this from WordPress. This blog post is the inaugural post over at and reflects it being read from there and is merely re-blogged from there until all modifications have been made to that site that this one then becomes a bit “disfunct”. 

I didn’t really bite the bullet per say, I’ve never actually even held a real life bullet. I guess I’ve never had the opportunity or really the desire to do so. It is however on my bucket list to fire a weapon, I just would love to know the feeling. I am only curious about the feel of it.

Anyway, I’ve bitten the bullet (metaphorically).
I registered a domain name. It took a little bit to really figure out what I really wanted to register, I just couldn’t overly decide what until I came to the conclusion I wanted something I could potentially re-use or generalize onto something else. Thus, the ‘Righteous Pickle’. It honestly doesn’t really mean anything, the first thing I tried was bluepickle, but it was taken. I couldn’t really come up with much so I meandered on the site for a good few days before I finally caved. Boom… registered.

I guess I should back the story up a smidgen.

I honestly only registered this site because I needed a non free/super uncommon email address to register for Asobrain’s now much stricter registration page. Yep, the registration is back open again. Get it while it’s hot. Unfortunately, a glitch or something my host seems to block in my email I was unable to attain the registration email needed to continue, so I basically set this all up un-refundable for really…. nothing.

Traders is coming along smoothly, I really should of been finished this project a lot sooner than the rate I’ve been going, but I’ve been polishing up a bunch of aspects of the game, I’ve added a little bit of minor flare to the game, the chat is now updated to a better, cleaner looking approach, and there is now an indicator for each player’s color in the top left corner of the window displaying their color. Next up for Traders is the updating system which is mainly unfinished/not started. After that, exceptionally long testing phase. Yippee.

Please enjoy the new site, and ignore the errors, mistakes, ugliness, design flaws and being not-so-user-friendly-ness. I’m a programmer not an artist/webmaster/ringmaster/IT dude.

Shaping Up…Again…

After a quick little siesta in America (you know, USofA), I went back to Catan. I’ve been plugging away figuring everything out again as to how the engine was modelled. I like the way the  I made it, just … forgot. It’s really interesting to know it’s a lot smoother than working with the earlier version that I had made nearly a year ago now. Everything runs a lot smoother now and basically all I’m really doing is converting the older code into the new framework. It’s a tedious process but I don’t have to re-invent the wheel thankfully!

I’d post a new screenshot, but really, its mainly all back-end work that has been done so far. Of course the game shows the hexes and the chat screen, but, it really doesn’t really do too much. I’m excited for this to come again. It’ll be a nice replacement for Asobrain since that doesn’t allow for new registrations (queue sad face).

More to come I’m sure!

New Lights…

Been working, testing, and just rummaging around with Sphere lately. I’ve managed to build a connection between a pair of computers and basically send chat back and forth. I’ve decided to modify what I’ve gotten so far and make it so I connect to a central computer (separate instance, server). This way I can handle all the information and collect data easily. I’m still exploring ideas on how to allow users their own entities and what not, but I haven’t gotten much into it just yet.  I’ll post some shots later in the week on the progress (if I do anything).

My plan is to try and make Asobrain in Sphere.  But first, I’m going to set up a private server with no logons/passwords and just have a game, no lobby, just connect and play. Since I don’t have the game, bots, or really anything concrete in the game so I figure that I’ll build the game with all this in mind.