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Scheduling some time…

Now that I’m officially off work until the new year (pending something catastrophic), I’m setting up some time for some development, finally. I’m going to hammer out a nice little design doc pertaining to the game and some major points I need fleshed out. I have most of it in past notes and some neat little ramblings on my phone, but the key is to put forth everything in a central location so I can firmly put forth a solid plan.

But first, I must get something a little more important out of the way…


I’m not an absolute die-hard fan, but I’m definitely a huge fan. I just didn’t feel like freezing my butt off in the cold waiting in line for a few hours. I’m a bit of a wimp. We’re (friends & I) are hoping the lines drizzled down a bit so we can head out late tonight to see the movie. I’m pretty excited to see the new one from all the hearsay I’ve heard. Going to be good!

I’ll post some thoughts about it tomorrow, maybe some other news as well…


The Land of Zombies…

I recently, also known as yesterday, had watched Zombieland. I thought it was pretty damn good. I really enjoyed Woody Harrelson and has peculiar antics. Definitely well worth the price of admission. Although it was a bit disappointing in length, it definitely didn’t make my ass sore like most new releases being at only an hour and a half long. They did however open it up to a possible sequel if they want to explore that avenue.

It was quite ironic that as I was picking up the girl before the movie I had seen a zombie walk downtown. I would say about 40 to 50 people wandering around aimlessly with face paint (or what I would gather as) down the streets. I’m only assuming they are still human.

“Fucking Bill Murray!”

Obviously I haven’t made much progress over the last couple weeks with much of anything, I’ve been either working myself senseless, hanging out with the girl or sleeping into abyss. I’m thinking I’ll try and be a bit more proactive and make the most of my time. Although NHL10 really seems to get in the way of doing anything productive in the least.

And like I said, “Fucking Bill Murray!”.

Wow… That was terrible…

I went ahead and watched District 9 last night, my god, that was such a piece of shit. Never, ever, ever, rent it when it comes out, it’s atrocious. Garbage.

Anyways, I ended up doing some Paperboy for the NES a bit earlier and my god, that is a hard damn game. I got to Tuesday and gave up nearly after that. I was pretty tempted to do what I did in Yo!Noid with playing around with save states to edge through the levels but got lazy. Then I switched to Zelda 2 for NES and started that up and I can’t find the god damn candle. What the hell. Its important, so where the fuck.

Anyways, this was a gar-balled post, just too tired to make real comments and opinions, maybe tomorrow night.

District 9…

Today before work had started my boss had said he seen District 9 the night before and said he barely even finished half the movie because it was just that bad. So, I’m going to see/torture myself to watch it tonight and see what I think of it. Cross your fingers.

I picked up NHL 10 earlier today and played it a bit earlier before work and a bit after work.  It’s absolutely amazing, although I’m really not a fan of the boosting system, I love the idea of custom equipment, but the bonuses are just a terrible idea. Thanks for fucking up a great game. I can wait to see a bunch of retards in camo gear. I started off a Be A Pro career first with my goalie and ended up getting drafted 2nd overall by Columbus, then a started a new one being a Defensive Defenseman and got drafted first overall. I’m thinking I unlocked a +3 boost somewhere because I have one now. Some of the custom stuff is pretty neat though. I really want the ninja looking stuff.

Hmm… maybe I should just make a Let’s Play on NHL10… haha. Actually I’m thinking of doing one Zelda II. We’ll see, I wasn’t too fond of it when I first played it.

I haven’t done any work on mouse this week, I plan on getting back into hopefully, but with NHL10 being out now, work could become pretty scarce. I’ll try tomorrow or hopefully on the weekend.