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Bouncing like a Whore…

I flew out of the gate working with Canasta to begin with, but as the finish line showed its beautiful head, I decided to take a quick break to freshen up the noodle a bit. I started up production on MouseTrap. I made up a HUD and some basic controls. After I hit a little bit of a mental block, I re-opened up Catan. I miss playing that game. Damn it. I gotta call the boys up for a sit down game. Or… I guess I could finish this?

I need to re-focus and finish something!


I don’t really even know what’s more deja-vu-esque… The fact that I don’t update much at all, or the fact that the below screenshot is a lot like one I posted about a year ago (Maybe more?). I’ve been off and on working on it, but it’s honestly been a bit of a struggle. I want to finish it, I really do.

I’ve been pouring in a lot of ideas for Mouse lately, mainly into my phone. Just a lot of brainstorming ideas, things and titbits (haha, love the autocorrect). But to be truthful, I’m not sure where to start with production. I’ve been trying (attempting) to make games for over a decade and this one has me well under-prepared. Lots of ideas, good grasp as to what the game will pan out to be, but just don’t have a good solid starting point. Well, not where I want to start that is.

C’est la vie.

Same ol’ story…

I’ve been struggling to find motivation to really work on either game. I’m thinking its because we haven’t gathered around and played Catan lately, it could also be that I let my xbox live subscription run out on purpose. I haven’t really played any games, at all lately. I’ve fired up Diablo 3 on a couple of occasions, but I haven’t played much more than an hour.

Its not even like I don’t have the time to do it, its just I can’t force myself to really sit down and power through it. I’ve started re-writing (yea, big surprise there) the game to (hopefully) make it run smoother and more efficient. Ill crack down and actually work on it more, I’m hoping anyways.


I’ve spent the last day or so converting a lot of code to something cleaner and easier to maintain and add. Unfortunately I’m fearing I broke the bitch. I’m thinking its just simply the order in which I’m calling certain updates. I’m going to toy with the idea of adding in an existing hooklist (geek term for checklist), or I may be better off making one of my own. I’ll have to do some testing either way.

I couldn’t throw up the other pages lately, just been really busy with my buddy’s wedding which occurred Saturday, so I’m still recovering from a long week/weekend. I’ll be doing some work hopefully this week sometime.


I’ve made a little bit of head-way the last week or so, I’ve managed to tie in all of the development cards uses. Everything there works now, soldiers, victory points, monopolies, road building and year of plenty’s. Next on the list is tying them into the client’s version of the game which will be rather painless.

The next step will be wrapping up the trading menu, which I’ve been leaving until now, I’ve just haven’t had the heart/time/motivation to really tackle it at this point. It’s a lot of moving little menus around plugging a lot of redundant code to handle all the possible buttons. I’m sure I can smooth it all out by the weekend.

Once that’s all cleaned up and working properly, I can move along to a few other things, I think I’ll slide into the idea of claiming victory (which shouldn’t be difficult at all), adding in the dreadful (it’s going to hurt my head, I know it already) longest road card, as well as the largest army (which is simple). Once I have those finito, the game will be relatively complete, sans ports and the second robber, which I plan on leaving until last anyway.

Peace out homies.


I’ve been on a little bit of a kick to sort some things out in my suite/life. I’m trying to decide whether or not I need this anymore, jot down simple tasks that I need to do, large ones, and perhaps some sort of goals. It’s odd because I already do this for my finances on a daily basis, but for everything else, I don’t. Not really at all. I’m aware of a few things I need to get done but not in such of scale to really do anything, (Gym, teeth, house).

I lack in desire to really do anything with my life, which is a shame. Everyone should have a drive in life and currently I can’t find what I want to do. I almost want to be laid off from work so I can kick-start myself into something anew. Then I think about what hinders me and holds me back. If I didn’t accumulate credit card debt, if I didn’t buy a new car and if I never broke up with Alana. Then I peer into the little things, the commodities of my life, the ones I use everyday and want to keep and the ones I blew my money shamelessly on and never use. I’m going to compile a short (or long) list of things I need to clarify in my life and act accordingly on.

– Super Nintendo, Wii, Genesis, Playstation, NES.
I bought the Wii new from Walmart and played it maybe a dozen times with the current gal, but other than that I haven’t touched it, I don’t think its been on for at least a month, that’s at least $350 (Wii, super mario bros wii, controller). The others I’ve purchased off Kijiji or from King of Trade. Easily another $500 for everything else I’ve got that I don’t play/use.
– 2 guitars, one electric, one acoustic.
Have you every heard of love stories that involve the guy getting the girl because he wrote her that lovely song and played it for her? I wanted to be that guy. I shamelessly bought one of both at XS Cargo a few years back, and was eager to learn with then girlfriend (big boobs). We broke up shortly afterwards and the desire died with it. I’ll probably keep the acoustic, but I’m sure I’ll pawn off the electric, should round-up about $50. (spent about $150).
– Pokerchips…
Oh god I have about a thousand of these, I even made my own poker table at one point. I’ll post these damn things on Kijiji or something, spent about $200 on this shit.
– Teeth
I desperately need to seek a dentist/denturist to fix my pearlees. I’m having a hard time finding a dentist that will do what I want them to do, pull them all, although the real truth is the fact that I haven’t started really looking.
– Eyes
I’ve already got a head start here. It’s rather simple to complete this one, I already have a great eye doctor in town and it is as simple as picking up the phone and making an appointment with them. Although I have to clear it through work to get new safety glasses as well so that my exam will be covered. I forgot the process since its been a few years.
– The Gym
I really need to get back into training full time and taking care of my body more. I’ve noticed I’m getting a little bit pudgy and it is kind of making me a bit ill. The only draw back in which I don’t really want to give into is the fact that the gym is another payment. Another bite of the apple. The other problem is that the gym I’d like to (re)join is the same in which an incredible asshole goes to frequently. We’ll see how that pans out.
– Contact
I think the problem I have with contacting Alana is knowing that my single-hood may come to a halt. I still love her a lot. I just know I’ve wronged her in so many ways contacting her is nearly impossible, but I know I won’t know anything until I try.

I guess most of this is procrastination. I know I’m a procrastinator. I blog irregularly. I put things off regularly. I’m easily unmotivated. I’m lazy. I’m scared and I’m quite stupid. I want to use 2010 as a pivot point, I want to turn the ship around and start fresh and make my life wonderful and worth it to me. Make my time count and make myself enjoy every minute of it and be happy to go wherever it is I may need to go.

I’ll keep you updated.