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No Fools In This…

I’ve been cross-inheriting the features from the server version to the player version of the game. I’ve been able to squeeze almost everything to both versions where they’re nearly identical. I’m still missing player’s playing development cards. I’ve found/fixed a ton of bugs with both iterations.

I’ll be working on completely the other half of the trading menu that I showed on the weekend. This will essentially be the reply window where you can feed in your demand/offer and direct your notion to the other player’s trade. After this I’ll be finishing the rest of the development card functionality, missing is year of plenty, monopolies and road building.


Taking Shape…

The last week or more I’ve been humming through the implementation that is the trading window. Right as it stands all I really have completed is the server side code, I haven’t translated it to the client so that the two sides can converse. I’ve attached a screenshot below to show it in action, the clients’ counter offer is simulated for test purposes, however you’re able to click the resources on and off and in any order. You can also propose trades to the other players. The bank is somewhat smart, it’ll let you do 4:1 trades, I still have yet to do ports. I think I’m gonna pop them in last.

Anyways, I’m tongue-tied.

Slaving in the Hive…

I’ve been a little busy bee as of late. I’ve done a lot of work lately on Catan and I’m really starting to see the fruits of my labor. But then, I decided to write a little more detailed ‘to-do’ list and then I started to see all the things I’ve yet to do.

Instead though, I’m going to plow through what you can now do with the Server/Client interaction. As expressed before you can place roads, settlements and cities provided you have the resources, but now I re-fined that and now you have to actually have the pieces to place them. I also double checked to make sure you were able to make a legal move with that piece, so you won’t be stuck in hiatus trying to place something you have nowhere to place. I plan on adding an escape key/button to allow you change your mind.

With cities and settlements come victory points. Now you’re able to see how many points your opponents have and updated as soon as it happens, “([points]) Player_Name” fashion. I’ve also started working on using the development cards, currently you can play a soldier card to invoke the robber and steal resources from your opponents, if there is more than one opponent connected to that resource, you can choose who you rob. This also applies to playing the robber when a “7” is rolled. I’ve also put the cap in when you have an excess of 7 cards in your hand you must discard half of your hand, this is finished. It will also wait to make sure all players have discarded their cards before you’re able to place the robber.

You can now play victory points as well. I’ve sectioned off a part to show your table cards, this will display any soldiers or victory points you’ve played, as soon will show if you have the longest road and/or the largest army.

The neatest thing I’ve added in is a debug console for the server, so I can check variables, run functions and keep an internal log of what’s going on, rather than clogging a print function.

The plan is to make little versions of the soldiers/victory point cards for the other players’ display, Then I’m going to work on trading and fiddle with that as that will be a bit of an undertaking. I’m also going to work at the other player’s display a bit, I want to add in all players and have a way of seeing who’s turn it is a bit easier. I have a ton of notifications to do yet, but I’m slowly kicking stuff off the to-do list.

I fixed a bunch of minor bugs as well, mainly a few minor oversights that would of been caught eventually, but sooner the better. Good news though, I’m fairly certain I squashed the server re-rolling bug that I’ve been having. Should be finally OK now.

No new images, I was too lazy to take one, maybe next time.


I’ve been hammering away on Catan lately and I’ve finally accomplished some major steps. I once feared I had to hard-code a few things and manually enter in a lot of information. Thankfully however, I managed to squeeze out a nasty algorithm to do the work for me. To break it all down, you can choose a name, connect to a hosted game, receive the server generated board (randomly dispersed tiles), receive the numbered tiles (a late addition of having the 6’s & 8’s colored red), send/receive messages by pressing the ‘enter’ key to initiate and ‘enter’ again to send. All messages are colored coded to each player. You can now roll the dice to see who goes first, then starting with that player you can place your starting settlement with adjacent road. Continues til all players have placed their two settlements then the game starts. I’ll be working on distributing resources next.

Sorry no screens this time, maybe next time…. hopefully sooner than what, a month? Ooops.