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I’ve updated the pages for Catan and Mouse, I added the screenshots I’ve uploaded to the website, I’ll search a few locations to see what else I have lying around on my hard drive. Not guaranteeing much, but I’ll see.

I’ve putz’ed around on Catan the last few days, more or less just checking things out, trying to find motivation.  I did however throw in Diablo 3 and beat up the second act. Now on to the third, I really need to find time playing this game. I’ll have to beat it before Diablo 4 comes out. Yikes.


I’ve been on a little bit of a kick to sort some things out in my suite/life. I’m trying to decide whether or not I need this anymore, jot down simple tasks that I need to do, large ones, and perhaps some sort of goals. It’s odd because I already do this for my finances on a daily basis, but for everything else, I don’t. Not really at all. I’m aware of a few things I need to get done but not in such of scale to really do anything, (Gym, teeth, house).

I lack in desire to really do anything with my life, which is a shame. Everyone should have a drive in life and currently I can’t find what I want to do. I almost want to be laid off from work so I can kick-start myself into something anew. Then I think about what hinders me and holds me back. If I didn’t accumulate credit card debt, if I didn’t buy a new car and if I never broke up with Alana. Then I peer into the little things, the commodities of my life, the ones I use everyday and want to keep and the ones I blew my money shamelessly on and never use. I’m going to compile a short (or long) list of things I need to clarify in my life and act accordingly on.

– Super Nintendo, Wii, Genesis, Playstation, NES.
I bought the Wii new from Walmart and played it maybe a dozen times with the current gal, but other than that I haven’t touched it, I don’t think its been on for at least a month, that’s at least $350 (Wii, super mario bros wii, controller). The others I’ve purchased off Kijiji or from King of Trade. Easily another $500 for everything else I’ve got that I don’t play/use.
– 2 guitars, one electric, one acoustic.
Have you every heard of love stories that involve the guy getting the girl because he wrote her that lovely song and played it for her? I wanted to be that guy. I shamelessly bought one of both at XS Cargo a few years back, and was eager to learn with then girlfriend (big boobs). We broke up shortly afterwards and the desire died with it. I’ll probably keep the acoustic, but I’m sure I’ll pawn off the electric, should round-up about $50. (spent about $150).
– Pokerchips…
Oh god I have about a thousand of these, I even made my own poker table at one point. I’ll post these damn things on Kijiji or something, spent about $200 on this shit.
– Teeth
I desperately need to seek a dentist/denturist to fix my pearlees. I’m having a hard time finding a dentist that will do what I want them to do, pull them all, although the real truth is the fact that I haven’t started really looking.
– Eyes
I’ve already got a head start here. It’s rather simple to complete this one, I already have a great eye doctor in town and it is as simple as picking up the phone and making an appointment with them. Although I have to clear it through work to get new safety glasses as well so that my exam will be covered. I forgot the process since its been a few years.
– The Gym
I really need to get back into training full time and taking care of my body more. I’ve noticed I’m getting a little bit pudgy and it is kind of making me a bit ill. The only draw back in which I don’t really want to give into is the fact that the gym is another payment. Another bite of the apple. The other problem is that the gym I’d like to (re)join is the same in which an incredible asshole goes to frequently. We’ll see how that pans out.
– Contact
I think the problem I have with contacting Alana is knowing that my single-hood may come to a halt. I still love her a lot. I just know I’ve wronged her in so many ways contacting her is nearly impossible, but I know I won’t know anything until I try.

I guess most of this is procrastination. I know I’m a procrastinator. I blog irregularly. I put things off regularly. I’m easily unmotivated. I’m lazy. I’m scared and I’m quite stupid. I want to use 2010 as a pivot point, I want to turn the ship around and start fresh and make my life wonderful and worth it to me. Make my time count and make myself enjoy every minute of it and be happy to go wherever it is I may need to go.

I’ll keep you updated.


// glitch (glch)n. 1. A minor malfunction, mishap, or technical problem; a snag:

That pretty much sums it all up. I love NHL10 to death but there are people that should be shot. Should be banned. Should have their copies burnt. It’s a big pain in the ass when people exploit a simple thing and abuse the fuck out of it. Why can’t we all just enjoy the damn game for what it is?

So I’ve started a movement, I’m sending nasty and disturbing message to glitch-ers who abuse their privilege of playing the game. I’m fed up and EA is definitely not doing much about it, so I’m going to let other people know how I feel, then of course, the subsequent bad feedback that follows. Hopefully, when I’m done all I’ll have left to play against is the legit players who play the game for the sake of playing the game.

Watching bad/good old movies make think of bad quotes and inspirations of how I feel and what I’m thinking. For example.

‘life is only of cocktails and dreams, which ones you drink, which ones you fulfill and how you piece it all together’.

Which is additively true in my eyes, in reality, you can have whatever you truly desire, you just have to be willing to work for it. I got hit by a bombshell today. My ex-girlfriend (a bit of a diamond in the rough), is now a lesbian (or exceptionally bi-curious) as I found out today. I see her as the one that got away and truly believed she’d be a girl I could marry. But now, I feel less of a man. It kind of devastated me today. Which tales me to my next lovely inquiry. The letter. I re-opened it again today and started re-formatting it a bit and really, truly, reading what I had wrote. I was about to dabble a bit more with it, but had to close it off.

I have the horrible feel of crossroads. I’m terrible at decision making as it is, but I do have a keen eye for when I know when I have to make one. The bottom line, I want to be happy and comfortable in what I do and who I share my time with. My eyes were opened about three years ago by a now ex-friend about dating and relationships. He always wondered why sometimes I could “deal” with a relationship when I wanted something(one) else. Why I “wasted” my time on the experience of something rather than striving for what I wanted. The problem is that I’ve got stuck in the middle. I never really strive for what I want, but I rather just know what I have and know if its what I want. I flip from thing to thing, person to person trying to find if its hidden in them rather than seeking what I know I want. I guess I take what comes easy to me.

I guess it doesn’t help that I finished watching “Yes Man”.

The Land of Zombies…

I recently, also known as yesterday, had watched Zombieland. I thought it was pretty damn good. I really enjoyed Woody Harrelson and has peculiar antics. Definitely well worth the price of admission. Although it was a bit disappointing in length, it definitely didn’t make my ass sore like most new releases being at only an hour and a half long. They did however open it up to a possible sequel if they want to explore that avenue.

It was quite ironic that as I was picking up the girl before the movie I had seen a zombie walk downtown. I would say about 40 to 50 people wandering around aimlessly with face paint (or what I would gather as) down the streets. I’m only assuming they are still human.

“Fucking Bill Murray!”

Obviously I haven’t made much progress over the last couple weeks with much of anything, I’ve been either working myself senseless, hanging out with the girl or sleeping into abyss. I’m thinking I’ll try and be a bit more proactive and make the most of my time. Although NHL10 really seems to get in the way of doing anything productive in the least.

And like I said, “Fucking Bill Murray!”.