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I took some time off from the computer and literally just… vegged out. I pretty much hit pause on the learning C++ for the moment, I feel like I need to go back a few lessons and start making some notes about some particular syntax that doesn’t behave as I would have predicted. I still muddle through a few pages of the tutorial but I get side tracked easily. It doesn’t have my complete focus as it needs to have for me to grasp the material. It’s on the docket.

Working on another leg our Star Wars D20/5e campaign. We’ve been fairly committed to a bi-weekly schedule with this week being an exception, but it’s been a good experience. I’ve been a bit of a bad DM, I haven’t super prepared for the sessions, but I think I’m still a bit bitter from the amount of planning I put into the first couple that they didn’t really appreciate, so I haven’t put in that kind of work anymore. Instead I’ve dumb-ed it down a lot and simply made a list of characters (with any factions), places and just small significance and items that are useful. I already have a decent basis as to the whole campaign direction and some main players, but still not sold on the main adversary or how it’ll all go down. I’m basically winging it. Sue me.

If you haven’t (but have an interest in DnD,) listened to The Adventure Zone, amazing podcast that passes the time, about the McIlory’s playing dungeons and dragons with their father, hilarious and colorful. They’ve created a graphic novel about their Balance arc and I’m planning on getting it in the near future as I think it’s a wonderful idea. It makes me wish I was an artist because I think it’d be a great sentiment of doing it for our campaign because it plays out as a comedic comic. Wish I had a tablet (that had the pen……which I had). Fubar.

I’ve fluttered the Sphere screen a few times this week debating on whether I want to continue with all the projects I’ve got sitting on the hiatus tag, but the motivation and planning that it requires is leaving me uninterested. Another one of the things I need to just buckle in and get it done.

Can’t Foresee the Obvious…

Friday night we were able to sit down (albeit remotely) to venture out on the third leg of our adventure in the wondrous, yet incredibly unpredictable world of Star Wars. And I should of known it was bound to happen. I knew it was going to happen.

I’m extremely happy I didn’t go out and plan a whole helluva lot in this leg. Instead I jotted down some ideas on who/what they could encounter and things that may or may not happen, just basic story ideas depending how they wanted to approach the situation.

I threw a bunch of these characters in the cantina and ….. why… they bypassed pretty much everyone. So they decided to go to the star-ship docks, and did …. zero investigating, although they cleverly put the guards to sleep. This was essentially why didn’t really plan anything before hand because I thought they’d at least do some exploring or … you know talk to the patrons in the cantina. Yikes. Instead they go to a place with “super” guards and I say fuck it and pass the story on from there. I actually made a good voice/character/gang to build upon… til they killed them all. Thanks. So I decided to be a bit ruthless and kill one of them. That’s what you get. I wanted them to kill their earlier companion, but they sided with him and had a lengthy battle with the guards.

So yea, now they wanna revive him, this should be fun.

DM/GM problems…

For the betterment….

Wait, is that even a word? LIGAF.

I’ve been lounging around the house too damn long I think. I’m starting to actually do a lot more different things during the day and trying to get myself into a bit of a routine, you know, other than making an ass groove on the couch. Currently I’m trying to whip my ass in shape, so I’ve got a bit doughy in the last few years, and apparently staying home and baking/cooking is not exactly help curb that effect. So I’m doing some weight lifting along with a bunch of odd moved cardio, thanks to Beach body. Ha. Yea, still far from it. But It definitely a great feeling after I power through it and I hope to see the rewards of it in the coming weeks/months.

Friday night we decided to mud through the second leg of our campaign of Star Wars DnD. This round was a bit more relaxed for me as I didn’t do a whole bunch of prep for it outside of a couple of ideas and an enemy outline. This leg of the campaign saw the team get ejected from the ship (mainly to prevent them from stealing the ship) and wake up in the black sands desert of Socorro. They decided to follow some mysterious tracks near their initial site to a cave where they were ambushed by local Monnoks. The Monnoks retreated after their lost of two of their fellow brethren. After a extremely short investigation of the cave, they decided to proceed to the city of Cjaalysce. The curtains wrapped and we concluded for the night.

I’m still meddling through a lengthy C++ tutorial, currently investigating pointers and their uses and right now I feel like a have a small grip on everything and a decent handle on most of what is presented so far. But then they’ll bring something from a previous lesson and go… oh fuck, how does that work again? Having a decent grasp on JavaScript has definitely aided in a lot of the simpler concepts of the language. I’ll get there, eventually.

Today’s project: Making a portable golf ball cleaner. Well, attempting.

Attempting Progress…

After the somewhat successful first leg of our Star Wars DND campaign, I nearly immediately embarked on the second leg of the adventure, but then I hit a wall. I’m not sure if I’m just not motivated enough to do it, or that I put so much work into the first part and that it was taken for granted or what’s going on. It actually seems as though I’m convincing myself more and more to just wing it for the remainder of it. Maybe I’m just lazy? Like, super lazy… I’m thinking I’ll just bomb out a list of important people, items, places and enemy groups and just call it a day.

Yeah, that’s probably because I’m lazy, I get it. I don’t care.

56 days. That’s a long shitty time to not be at work. Cabin fever I think?

Anywho! I embarked on new journey to help, broaden my horizons as they say, I’m actually learning C++. Aside from the fact I’ve always wanted to learn, I’m actually doing it so I can see if I want to pursue that type of career as it seems I’m at a crossroads with my current profession. I’ve been laid off four times in the last six years, all varying in different lengths, but not having a solid, secure job is frustrating and I’m only getting older.


*<<, >> – still racking my brain to decide which one gets paired with what, stupid cin/cout.

“Points a blaster at you and fires…”

Happy Star Wars Day!

So we had started the campaign this past Friday, to some… success? I’m a bit disappointed in my players. They bypassed a lot of the area to be explored which makes it hard for me to build up a bit of lore to the story, especially when you don’t go into rooms that could (did) hold valuable information. They’re almost too reckless and rather that build a story I guess I should of just built a gauntlet of stormtroopers. (eye rolls).

I’m currently masterminding the second leg of the campaign which sees the crew thrown from the ship and onto the sands of Socorro. I’m doing this because otherwise I know they’re going to try and steal the ship.

I hate repeating myself as well. I told them before we started that I was only setting the scene and describing what is in front of you, I was not going to push you into a direction. And one player pissed me off in that regard, I said there was a crate. “I don’t wanna look into it if its going to open up and kill me.” Like fuck off.

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to speak sometimes….


Its May…

Although the actual day, or even month, is basically irrelevant at these crazy times, I managed to actually get something accomplished this past week. I buckled down (on the couch none the less), and hammered out the first leg of our Star Wars campaign. There isn’t a bunch of combat as of yet, more of a story telling, investigation type of mission. I’m looking into formatting it a bit better and hopefully at some point posting it up for whomever. I plan on doing some balancing and figure out exactly how many droids the team encounters, as I’m not even sure they can handle the single one I’m already planning on.

Really I haven’t done a whole lot beyond that, but I’m particularly proud of the research I’ve done to construct what I’ve already done. But now I fear after they leave their initial planet that they may…. get reckless. I just don’t know how to contain them and keep them in a direction I need them to go.

Back to typing I guess…

Still lazy…

I find myself circling back to the same few things and I hardly ever really get anywhere. I tend to make minimal progress when it comes to building this damn campaign. I just have zero desire with anything, let alone that campaign. It’s like I’m allergic to working and being productive, it’s gross.

I’m currently pissing around with:
– a really shitty puzzle some mean friends gave us.
– building our Star Wars 5e campaign
– making mouse, although its always on some sort of hiatus
– for some reason, making a dnd board game/helper thing, I really don’t know what it is.
– making an extra shelf in a built in cabinet, which I haven’t started and have zero drive to do
– yard work (unfortunately its starting to be nice again)

I have lots of things to do, lots of little projects on the go, I just seem to be lazy AF. It’s upsetting. Today, I’ve decided to try and tackle that extra shelf, mainly to get the old lady off my back (haha), and because she was a little angry when I started a puzzle rather than finishing some of the other shit I’ve started.

Pray for me… I need a kick in the rear.

PS. Watch “The dark side of the ring”. I watched a little bit of wrestling growing up, wasn’t religiously into it, but its filled with some crazy stories. So if you watched any pro wrestling in your lifetime, it’s a must watch.

My friends are dicks…

So a Anzellan, Umbaran and a … Hutt enter a cantina and the bartender says, “Here’s the keys, I don’t want any trouble!”

Isn’t that pretty much how it’s going to end up? Good luck being stealthy. Like, there’s no way you’re going to be able to hide your giant slug body or disguise up like an imperial officer or simply pass yourself off as a normal planet go-er. And he’s a motherfucking Jedi.

I thought I won a small battle by talking out another friend of being the Anzellan Sentinel. I simply told him that if you were to wield a lightsaber (a double-ended to boot), that it would be so small and in-effective, you’d basically have disadvantage on every attack you have and the DC’s you’d have to beat would be huge. So, at least now he’s being an operative. Which makes a touch more sense.

Lastly we have the ghost skinned Umbaran, I’m tempted to send them to Tatooine and lug around the desert the entire time til he dies cause the other two don’t move worth a shit.

I’m almost tempted to do a horrible job DM’ing, just so someone else tries to do it and realizes that it isn’t easy and really you don’t need to do any work except when the session is going. They keep bugging me to see when we’re going to get together and get this started. Well, the problem is, finding resources for a Star Wars campaign aren’t easy to come by so I’m making a campaign by scratch, and only doing the bare minimum just so we can plug in a single session.

So I bake now?

I’m starting to think this pandemic is really starting to get to me and simply draining away my motivation. I look at days now as blocks of wasted time and it is starting to upset me and make me a bit depressed. It isn’t affecting my mood, it just making me a bit disappointed in myself as to the lack of drive I have. I have a lot of things I can be doing but I start counting down the time to when it is supper time and when I’m required to start prepping it. I don’t start anything because I start thinking, well, I won’t finish that in time, or the biggest problem of them all, I need outside materials to finish/continue certain projects. Or, more so right now, it’s shitty outside and I don’t feel like being annoyed by the cold air, possible snow on the ground, or just super dick-ish wind.

On the push side, I’m being doing a lot of research into Star Wars 5e. As of last night, we’ve abandoned the idea of essentially making my own D&D version in favor of just running with the repository of, and do it with all the trimmings. I’m sure there’s a lot of things we’ll probably just down right ignore and never touch, but at least it is there if we want to delve into that world. The biggest problem I’ve encountered so far as I’ve been familiarizing myself with particular rules and other things about playing, as I’m apparently the GM/DM, is the lack of some pre-made campaigns to start off with. Which is my fear… starting from scratch. But hey, I guess I have time on my hands.

I’m going to try and maybe do a more formal campaign and keep some documentation on it for others to possibly use in the future, bearing everything goes in a somewhat favorable fashion. I love the idea of Homebrewery and GMBinder, its just too bad I’m an artist’s nightmare.

Another light note, I’ve been practicing my skills (like many) in the kitchen and I’ve always been decently proficient, but I’ve decided to really challenge myself going forward to make things I’ve never had before and thing this is best time to try it. Cause, realistically, might as well try something out of the box (of the known). Tonight’s meal, stuffed potatoes (sometimes referred to as twice baked) and a beautiful BBQ steak. I nearly always barbecue my steak, I have yet to make stuffed potatoes so that should be the fun part. It isn’t overly difficult to do, but a bit more labor intensive, but twice as delicious, like come on, cheese on anything is wonderful.

Entering food coma in 1……2…….3……

Scale, its about the size, ya know?

About day…. 4? I think it’s about that, you know, trying to change the world. Well, not the world I guess. But making the perfect pen & paper RPG, but in the Star Wars universe.

After spending the first couple of days (re)learning the mechanics and flow, and generally the inner workings of the original godfather, D&D, and making countless notes about the minute details of character creation, I’ve come to realize that the scale of what I envision in my mind compared to what it’s in text are vastly different. In my mind, I want to strip away a lot of the odd (and painful) skills and crazy details that make up the world of Dungeons and Dragons. The dilemma however, is where do I draw the line. What becomes not enough detail to the point of too much?

I think the aforementioned case is to be determined by the group at hand. From what I gather, our group will be based of guys that have a soft spot for Star Wars, a vague idea of imagination, and in turn, a bunch of bandits that will likely need a swift boot in the behind, more often than not.

So, my first piece of business is to simplify character creation in a few regards.
– Strip away alignments, backgrounds and obligations and rather put that into the story and essentially create that for them and give them the purpose as to how they got themselves into whatever predicament they’re in.
– Removal of the Wisdom ability and replacing with Presence (Force ability)
– Simplification of the class system (yet to decide)
– Removal of the safety net of the PHB (Player’s handbook) and create actual reference cards.

Reference cards?

I’m thinking this will be a lot easier said than done, but the more I think about it, the more daunting task it becomes. My ideology of these reference cards is that the players will be able to actually see what they are holding on their character at all times. I believe this hindered us a bit because we were constantly looking up terms and parameters of each skill and piece of equipment; it got to be frustrating.

The ideal plan is to have a concise character sheet that better outlines every possible skill (thus the need to remove and simply the vast category of all skills), put them under their proper ability, noting if they’re passive or active.
Then, having a separate class sheet that basically has some sort of skill-tree or the like, but I haven’t decided how I want to handle them just yet, that’s a tomorrow thing, or beyond.
The main big change will be the equipment, items, and materials which will be represented by cards which will (hopefully) have a picture, and all the important information on it. For instance, a standard Imperial Stormtrooper blaster would hold the range of the weapon in terms of feet, damage in terms of dice (ie. 1d8 + dexterity modifer), the weight of the weapon in pounds, referring to the weapon as a light weapon. Also, the cost of the weapon and its rarity.

Doing this foot work will cut down on the need to reference the PHB and possibly educate the players and get them more familiar with everything at their disposal.

Tomorrow I’m going to start on the crazy task on reviewing all of the possible skills, feats and bonuses and try to make a master list of sorts and combine things to boarder categories.

Can you tell isolating is making me ambitious AF?