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Start talking tough guy…

Anyone require a shoe?

After some messing around and attempting to figure out a good template/system for handling dialogue and all of it’s limitless possibilities, I think I’ve come up with a decent solution to the issue. None of the dialogue is currently hard coded into the game. Each entity/NPC (basically anything that can talk), will have its own unique save file with all their dialogue printed into it. Each text block has a few special qualities attached to it besides just the text. They ca have a remove tag, which takes something (if the user has), they could have a choice tag, which requires the user to pick a choice, or it could have a lock tag at the end where the character shuts up after the last dialogue.

There are still quite a few options I want to incorporate into this system, first being having a detector for some people to react differently to what item is equipped, speech might change when the user has a specific special/normal item in their inventory, have the NPC move/disappear after some dialogue/item/etc. Multiple speech paths at the same time.

So many options to come!

I worked a ton on saving/loading on the weekend, now everything tends to be in order. I now save more of the user information, where they are in the map, the camera shifts/positions and the user’s inventory. There’s also now a rough main screen that allows the user to choose a new game, or load a game (if there are saves). The controls for these menus have also been re-vamped, I switched the menu screen and the save screen keys with each other for a better feel. Of course though, eventually, these keys will be able to be altered by the user at their discretion. The functionality is already there, just not the practical part of it, it’s on the docket.

I’m going to continue messing around with the dialogue and attempt to clear up most of the needed possibilities that I’ll require. Then I’ll probably shift back to the in game menu to further clean that up. After that I’m planning on adding more map interactions and eventually leading to…. tiles!


Bouncing like a Whore…

I flew out of the gate working with Canasta to begin with, but as the finish line showed its beautiful head, I decided to take a quick break to freshen up the noodle a bit. I started up production on MouseTrap. I made up a HUD and some basic controls. After I hit a little bit of a mental block, I re-opened up Catan. I miss playing that game. Damn it. I gotta call the boys up for a sit down game. Or… I guess I could finish this?

I need to re-focus and finish something!


Its been a long time since I’ve mapped anything in particular. It’s a huge pain in the ass. I guess it’d be easier to do with pre-made tiles, but I want the game to have the same style so, I got to make them. I’m not a pixel artist as you can probably tell. I’m a thinker, and I can’t think drawing. It totally eludes me. Oh well, I’m seeing this as practice to get better. For some things I’m going to put a place holder image, especially things that need to be animated. Oh, and I’m a terrible spriter too.

screenshot 2013.05.02Red X’s are tile obstructions. (As in they’re aren’t actually part of the map!)



I’ve updated the pages for Catan and Mouse, I added the screenshots I’ve uploaded to the website, I’ll search a few locations to see what else I have lying around on my hard drive. Not guaranteeing much, but I’ll see.

I’ve putz’ed around on Catan the last few days, more or less just checking things out, trying to find motivation.  I did however throw in Diablo 3 and beat up the second act. Now on to the third, I really need to find time playing this game. I’ll have to beat it before Diablo 4 comes out. Yikes.


I don’t really even know what’s more deja-vu-esque… The fact that I don’t update much at all, or the fact that the below screenshot is a lot like one I posted about a year ago (Maybe more?). I’ve been off and on working on it, but it’s honestly been a bit of a struggle. I want to finish it, I really do.

I’ve been pouring in a lot of ideas for Mouse lately, mainly into my phone. Just a lot of brainstorming ideas, things and titbits (haha, love the autocorrect). But to be truthful, I’m not sure where to start with production. I’ve been trying (attempting) to make games for over a decade and this one has me well under-prepared. Lots of ideas, good grasp as to what the game will pan out to be, but just don’t have a good solid starting point. Well, not where I want to start that is.

C’est la vie.

New Tides…

I spent a bit of time today plugging away on Mousetrap and getting the bat to work properly. So now I’ll have to add in some collision detection, some enemies and the ability to deal damage and take damage. I’m still debating on whether or not to add in an RPG like element in regards to experience and leveling up. I am thinking that I’ll stick more to the original Zelda roots and omit that particular feature. I still have no thoughts of the health meter. I guess I’ll just tinker around some more. Maybe a new shot in the coming days.

After a couple of poor and dismal dates, I guess third time is the charm. Funny, I was just in bed with this beautiful girl and the other one, the bad date number one, texts me drunk at like 2 in the morning. I enjoyed a good laugh. Anyways, future is looking bright, and speaking of bright, going golfing at 10am tomorrow, unfortunately, I have to get up at 8, since it’s an hours drive. BOO! Hopefully I’ll Tiger Woods it up.

Being the informant…

So not only have I gone on a couple awkward dates two days in a row, well, with you know, Monday in between. But I also found out the worst idea for a first date. Not that I didn’t know that before, but I’ve had some success in awkward, not normal first date situations. I guess its chemistry. Anyways, first date terror number uno. A date at the movie theatre. Sitting in the dark with your new prospect. It wouldn’t of been so bad if say, we watched the movie at someone’s house and were able to cuddle up with one another. But to be witness to say, a hundred set of eyes, is a little bit more awkward to pull out some moves. Needless to say, glad to say I watched The Informant!. It was pretty good, Matt Damon was pretty decent in it. I was hoping it’d be a bit more of a comedy than it was, but a decent movie none the less. Definitely more a wait to rent than a theatre pick though.

Anyways, on to first day horror number two. Not only did I drive an hour and a half for the date, before I even went to work in the afternoon, it was just… unsettling. It’s hard to just sit down and blab over a cup of Joe. It’s not so bad if you’re having lunch together, or you’re in a pub with something else to look at besides the other person’s face. The date turned better when I suggested a walk, but all in all, I mild failure. My ultimate first date would definitely be doing something fun and active.

I’ve been doing some tinkering work with mousetrap, but nothing new visually to be shown just yet. Hopefully in the following weeks. A special thanks to Flik for making his little flik_zelda engine which I’ve been analyzing deeply. Anyways, bed time for this chap.

Just a small sneak peak…

I tinkered around with Sphere today and parts of yesterday to bring you the hud for the game, I think its got a nice taste of retro and a nice helping of modern look to it. Probably stay for awhile. I still have to draw the spriteset (obviously its just a place holder), add in the items in the key spots, and do the life bar, money and cards areas. After the hud (heads up display) is done, I can work on inputting the animations for the character, putting in the menu to select items and start on the basic ABS of the game. Character movement is already done thanks to Flik and his 4-way movement script.screenshot 2009.09.08

I’m also tempted to start up a version of “Let’s Play ____”. Its basically a little play-by-play of a game with screen shots and captions. I’m still thinking about which game I’d like to detail, preferably a game I haven’t tackled either at all, or not in a long long time. We’ll see how it progresses.

Night all!

Its been a long day…

So Saturday night I decided to dabble in the world of alcohol, I fought an epic battle, and in the end I died. I woke up with a mild headache and hunger for thirst. In all this, I decided to sit down, and be lazy. All day. It was wonderful.

The main thing I did was really explore the idea of an alternate means of creating games, I fell into ROM hacking. I won’t go into specifics but my idea behind it was this, why not use an engine/means that was designed for that particular purpose. Bring the NES’ “Legend of Zelda” and SNES’ “Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past”. I basically played around and searched around, read article after article about ROMs, editing them and changing them. Here I thought it was a challenge to script in Sphere, Hex editing and level editing for a ROM, that’s something else. Yes I guess the entire engine and mechanics would already be laid out but, thus mechanics would be awfully hard to modify, unless I learn a great deal of both hex editing, C and ASM. Which would be great in the long haul as I’m totally for it. But I think Sphere would be do a better job for what  I want right now. I will dabble into this world in the future, possibly with something smaller (graphic editing or minor adjustments) at a later date.

What’s the plan then? I’m going to fire up Sphere and start scripting away with a dummy map. Add in all the game play mechanics while on the side I’m going to be doing layout designs for the areas of the game. So when I finish this entry I will either be plugging away in Sphere or I’ll be sleeping. We’ll see who wins.



I’ve been running around with a bunch of ideas in my head about the ‘new’ mousetrap and have been thinking about the original Zelda game quite a bit. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really enjoyed the puzzles in previous Zelda games, mainly The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (LTTP). So right now I’m a bit torn between the idea of a puzzles/story/drama game to more of an adventure-like/puzzles/combat game. Both in turn would be great, but one must decide to know where to draw the focus to. Both games are incredibly hard to pull off, a game without combat must have an engaging story and meaningful puzzles, while as a adventure game needs to have solid purpose (normally story driven) and a combat system that is not only (somewhat) unique, but something more importantly, not boring.

The biggest stumbling block for me currently is creating the map. I want to adhere to the style of the original Zelda, but I’m also exploring the idea of making it more like LTTP. I guess it depends on the type of game I want to create. Maybe I’ll post some notes that I’ve been making for the game soon. Also expect more pages added to the site in the coming days. My goal is to start doing a bit more editorial work like I’ve done in the past. I like articles.

I’ve also dabbed into the world of emulating a PlayStation. This is mainly to play Valkyre Profile, which is nearly impossible to find for a reasonable price. Oh how I wish I would of saved my copy. On a similar note I recently got my hands on a copy of Parasite Eve, I remember playing this with a friend and truly loving the game, even though it was a shade on the difficult side. I plan on testing that out in the near future.

I’m afraid I may go into the shadows in a couple weeks as NHL 10 rears its head into my living room soon. I can’t wait, it should absorb my life. Anyways, toodles!