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Being ill is not advised…

After a good few weeks battling a nasty little cold/flu, I think I can say I’m on the up and up. You see, I’m very stubborn. If I feel a certain way about something, that’s the way I see it. I’ll see it that way until someone/something or time proves otherwise. Secondly, I hate taking medications. I hold off until the bitter end. Well, that finally came up when I had a hard time sleeping through the night, and trust me, I love my sleep. Of course I still feel like a bag of ass, but I’m much better now.

So let’s talk about delays shall we? I was hoping to finish Traders before I head back to school in late October, but I’m feeling it isn’t about to happen. I can hear the vast following (har har) sighing. But here’s what’s up. First and foremost, (and already mentioned), I’ve felt like crap. There has been days where I haven’t even turned on my computer to look at it. And honestly, my computer is on nearly every minute I’m at home, so that’s an oddity.

Next, NHL15 came out a couple of weeks ago (well, little more than a week, but I don’t count… [yeah I do]… ), and I’m deeply involved yet again even though I haven’t been able to play a whole bunch as of late. I’ve also fired up Diablo III (xbox360) again and have been playing that off and on when the friends aren’t able to play NHL.

And down the ladder, hockey season is about to roar up again. That means ball hockey is coming back, WHL hockey starts tomorrow and the NHL camps are under-way this week. Lots of days are getting eaten up just by hobbies.


A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away), I used to play a lot of card games. I’m not talking about ‘Canasta’, although I did play a lot of those cards back in the day, and still do. I’m talking about CCG’s. Collectible Card Games. I’m very determined to collect sets and I NEED to have all the cards. This is troublesome when it comes to a wide variety of games that I used to play. Bare with my nerdy-ness… I played Magic: The Gathering, OverPower, Star Wars CCG and Pokemon. Yeah, I even played fucking Pokemon. That’s a lot of dineros. The worst part is that I’ve kind of got back into Magic. I bought a few packs and decided to not really play, but just to collect. I found my old card collecting sheets and placed the ones I’ve got in their respected slots. Well… I’m only 24 cards short of the set now. Ooops. But any way, that wasn’t the point I was going to get to.

This is…

I’m creating my own CCG. It’s yet to be named. It’s a interesting hybrid of Magic and Star Wars with some familiar DnD elements. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll end up posting a project page when I get more of the rules finalized and some testing done. I’m currently in the process of creating cards from a database I’ve created. These cards are simple placeholders and hold the vital information for testing. They have no names but rather just the information. Maybe I’ll be on Dragon’s Den some day?

Peace out!



I’ve spent the last day or so converting a lot of code to something cleaner and easier to maintain and add. Unfortunately I’m fearing I broke the bitch. I’m thinking its just simply the order in which I’m calling certain updates. I’m going to toy with the idea of adding in an existing hooklist (geek term for checklist), or I may be better off making one of my own. I’ll have to do some testing either way.

I couldn’t throw up the other pages lately, just been really busy with my buddy’s wedding which occurred Saturday, so I’m still recovering from a long week/weekend. I’ll be doing some work hopefully this week sometime.

Slaying the Grunts…

What I was thinking was going to be a nightmare ended up being ~15 lines of code. I feared that I would have to hard-code the which hexes are between each corners (available settlement locations). It really doesn’t help when you code the hexes left-right then do the corners top-bottom, a bit of a design flaw on my behalf. Either way I’ve got it figured out. Now it’s time to write how it handles distributing resources to the players. Unfortunately that in turn will be all the resource handling, server/client, displaying and roll orientated. Beyond that, it’ll be player options and then eventually trading. Beyond that it’ll be point handling and better player’s displays.

Long day already, night time.


Late Night Heroics…

Over the past couple of days I’ve worked on networking in Sphere. Needless to say, it’s been a big pain in the ass. I’m getting a bit better at it, but it’s definitely been a headache to say the least. I just really dislike how Sphere’s sockets are set up. It just seems to be repetitive to CreateByteArray’s then read back from them. I should just be able to send the information I want, and retrieve the information I want. Anyways…

I have got to the point where I run the server, it’ll wait til a client has made a connection, then it will transfer the board data from the server to the client. It’s kind of nifty at the moment. Unfortunately however, it doesn’t keep track of who is who, how many people are connected and well, anything really completely necessary. But hey, its a start. I’m exhausted and going to bed.