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Random dispersal.

I finally had a bit of time to get around to fixing a couple of mistakes and errors when dispersing the tiles and numbers. At first thought it appeared to be correct, until I loaded maps of differing sizes. The problem then lied in with incorrect variable use (which really melded down to poor coding in which I like to blame lack of sleep). Any who, it’s all cleaned up and works with any map that can be loaded now.

You’ll notice a small error with the following screenshots. The deserts are not supposed to have numbers assinged to them. This has already been fixed. Please disregard. 
screenshot 2014.12.02
screenshot 2014.12.02

For now, I’m going to leave mapMaker alone and re-focus on getting the game back to the finished state that it was. That means testing. A lot of testing. After it all runs smooth and such again, I’m going to go back to the server portion and give it a bunch of ready-made buttons to alter a bunch of settings, phases, and points and what not. I’m trying to keep up with updates regularly but there are sometimes where I can’t really blog just about ramble.

Actually I can. I have. And I will again.

Making light progress…

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon and conquered a part I thought was going to be a bit more daunting than it really was, custom port inputting for the mapMaker. It was more confusing only because I was trying to trim down the code as much as I possibly could when adding them in, it came to remembering what was really doing what. Thankfully, a little debugging made it quite simple in the end.


Basically how it works in the editor, you pick your desired port to put down, then you get to pick which “corners” are the actual ports. Unlike its unnamed counter-part, you can pick any of the corners, not just adjacent ones. I’ll probably add in completely random ports, but first, I have to add in …. THE DISABLER. Fancy way of  making it so people can’t build in the water. Because, you could, if you wanted to. But I don’t want that ability. so I’ll figure shit out eventually. Lots to do… lots to do. But I have to figure out how to save these ports now. Hmm. 

I should totally be sleeping.

I should be in bed. I’m tired and I still have school tomorrow. I’m not concerned about being tired for the day, I’m more concerned about sleeping in. It appears the apprenticeship program has very little tolerance for attendance, but really, I can’t blame them. The course is a staggering quick 8 weeks of time. Goes by in a jiffy, even faster if you’re unaware what is going on.

So yeah…. I’ve been hard at work remodelling the mapMaker portion of Traders. It likely won’t get a release with the client/server relationship package, but it may very well sneak in. I just won’t have any guides for it. I’ve updated it for the new layout and tiles and fixed some errors that previously existed. It isn’t finished quite yet, I’m hoping early next week I’ll conquer the the custom ports portion of it, then all I have to do is make some maps with it.

screenshot 2014.11.14 recognize this map 🙂

The second hurdle of the entire thing is inserting this into the frame of the server/client. I don’t particularly foresee any issues immediately based on how I’ve built them, but I’m sure there will be hiccups.

After these two steps, we’ll be well on our way to release. It’s only the matter of more testing and checking. All is soon well.

I’m going to bed.

Options! Choices!

Instead of sleeping last night and taking some time after jolly good work time today, I’ve added some options to the lobby. You can look down now… if you haven’t already (Gold Star!).

screenshot 2014.09.24


As you can see, added three new standard options for game play, “No robber on 2pts”, which doesn’t invoke the robber’s steal a card mentality until the victim as at least 3 points. It’s a rather common agreed upon rule in most circles. Secondly we have “Add Boats”. Although this option will likely be greyed out for the foreseeable future for now (because I’m too lazy at the moment to tackle it). Although, just now thinking about it, it really wouldn’t be that difficult. Hmmm, maybe I’ll sit down some in the near future when I have enough time and tackle it. It’s nice having a plan!

The last one, “Add Gold Mines”, they simply act as a wild card resource. It acts as a regular resource tile but when it is rolled, it will prompt for you to choose what resource you’d like to acquire. This feature has yet to be implemented but a lot of the ground work has been handled for this already since Year of plenty handled the more difficult aspects of it.

You might also notice the “How many VPs to Win” caption on the bottom. You can select how many victory points the winner must attain. This is fully functional in all aspects of it. You can select any of the options, it highlights in green as you hover over it and turns white if you click.

You may notice as well in this screen some of the map names, they are simply test names as a database isn’t yet made. I’m still working out some of the bugs with loading hand made maps using the separate program ‘MapMaker’, as soon as that is fleshed out, it’ll load up the database of saved maps from the server.

So… currently my current to do list is as follows before release!
– clients logging into the server; currently, as I found out testing is that multiple people can use the same account info and get into the same server session. So essentially you can play copies of yourself.
– get a real database of maps, which is actually really easy to do, coming with this is the need to finish up MapMaker;  just not high up on the list of nagging issues.
– boats; which I’ve discovered will be really easy to do. Maaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyybbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeee I’ll do it tonight….. (doubt it, I feel like NHL15).
– make new tiles and add in Gold Mines and “uncharted land”. Uncharted land functionality won’t be integrated until after initial release.
– Polish. Not the language/nationality, polish (think shiny). I need to re-implement the “updates” animation handler. I wanted to make sure I had everything handled before I re-built the handler so I knew all the functionality that it needed. So in turn, I’ve left it for last. Therefore, until this gets completed, the game won’t get released.
– I also want to change up the chat function a bit again as looking at it makes it look clunky and … well… ugly as sin. I’ll tie that tag into polish as well.

Back to the grind stone!

So I learned Ruby.

Now I’m all messed up trying to figure out if it’s “learned” or “learnt” now. Shit. I really don’t care.

Anyway, I found Codecademy about a week or so ago, special thanks to Stumble-upon. I promptly scoured the site and tried my luck refreshing my HTML skills to begin with. Then it dived in some CSS. I really wished I got into CSS beforehand because wow, it is really simple stuff. Would of made my life a lot easier when I was running the newsletter section of, as well as my own site before that time, (new)rpg-haven. Yeah, I’ve been around for some time now.

So I blazed through those two sections and I thought about hitting up the Javascript section, but then got thinking, how hard could Ruby be? I’ve enjoyed looking through forums of people having issues with RGSS (RPGMaker’s scripting language, which is basically Ruby with their own API), and I look at their code and go… I understand what is going on, but I’m just not familiar with that API. So I said fuck it. Ruby here we go.

I jumped in both feet wet and climbed up to about 40% completion. And, in about four days later, I finished the course. It’s a beginner course, so it is not difficult and they take it pretty slow. It’s meant so everyone can do it. I also have to admit, it didn’t really take me four days, I basically did about 4 hours straight the first day, then about an hour at most the next following three days. So, its not like thumbing through a large textbook.

So what’s next? I have no idea. I don’t know what to do it with it now. I’m thinking that after I release the Sphere version of Traders, I’m going to work on a Ruby/Web or maybe I’ll skip over to HTML5/JavaScript thing. I really don’t know what is in store just yet.

I’m going to head back to CA and head down the JavaScript course just to help sharpen my skills there and make sure I’m not developing any terrible habits, though I’m sure I have some and it doesn’t hurt to get better. I’ve made great strides in the few years I’ve been doing some good scripting.

So have I done anything productive? Hmmm…. I’m going to go with no. I’m at such a mental roadblock with mouse that I just don’t really know what I’m doing any more. I have no desire to really work on it. I did however pick up Traders again though. I’ve been more focussing on MapMaker as opposed to the game itself. I’ve added the reset map button and working on the ports now, should be relatively easy to finish… I hope. Lots of features to add into it yet though. I’ve also started to mould out the client a bit more now, it now asks for account name, password and server at once, rather than just putting your name on the first screen, then server afterwards. It’s getting closer to the final product.

Bug squashing

So I thought I had the longest road figured out, but then came the errors. So I had re-insert all the logging code and try and narrow down the problem. I found out I was adding unnecessary spaces in my ‘lone ranger’ segments. I wasn’t splicing out the proper road in my collection therefore it tried to reference a dead road. Which leads to an error of course. I later found out, through more game testing, that I limited roads too much by opposing forces. Both cases have been fixed anyways.

So I’ve been working on something new. Don’t panic. It’s not an entirely new project. It is CCCCC related. It’s simply a map maker for the game. So far you start with a blank map and can place all the tiles on the map wherever you see fit. Of course you can’t save or load and it isn’t importable ready.

screenshot 2013.11.15