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New home, eventually…

Please ignore some ‘confusing’ notations about the new site as you’re reading this from WordPress. This blog post is the inaugural post over at and reflects it being read from there and is merely re-blogged from there until all modifications have been made to that site that this one then becomes a bit “disfunct”. 

I didn’t really bite the bullet per say, I’ve never actually even held a real life bullet. I guess I’ve never had the opportunity or really the desire to do so. It is however on my bucket list to fire a weapon, I just would love to know the feeling. I am only curious about the feel of it.

Anyway, I’ve bitten the bullet (metaphorically).
I registered a domain name. It took a little bit to really figure out what I really wanted to register, I just couldn’t overly decide what until I came to the conclusion I wanted something I could potentially re-use or generalize onto something else. Thus, the ‘Righteous Pickle’. It honestly doesn’t really mean anything, the first thing I tried was bluepickle, but it was taken. I couldn’t really come up with much so I meandered on the site for a good few days before I finally caved. Boom… registered.

I guess I should back the story up a smidgen.

I honestly only registered this site because I needed a non free/super uncommon email address to register for Asobrain’s now much stricter registration page. Yep, the registration is back open again. Get it while it’s hot. Unfortunately, a glitch or something my host seems to block in my email I was unable to attain the registration email needed to continue, so I basically set this all up un-refundable for really…. nothing.

Traders is coming along smoothly, I really should of been finished this project a lot sooner than the rate I’ve been going, but I’ve been polishing up a bunch of aspects of the game, I’ve added a little bit of minor flare to the game, the chat is now updated to a better, cleaner looking approach, and there is now an indicator for each player’s color in the top left corner of the window displaying their color. Next up for Traders is the updating system which is mainly unfinished/not started. After that, exceptionally long testing phase. Yippee.

Please enjoy the new site, and ignore the errors, mistakes, ugliness, design flaws and being not-so-user-friendly-ness. I’m a programmer not an artist/webmaster/ringmaster/IT dude.