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Mining for gold…

No, this post isn’t about picking my own nose, although, it has happened in the past, it’s not the point and it isn’t this post. After being incredibly lazy the last few days and scouring the internet, mainly facebook and pinterest, a few items keep popping up on my feed.

Pokemon cards.

Odd yes, considering I haven’t searched online for anything of the sort, but for some reason “Charmeleon” keeps showing up and putting up a scary price tag, $5000US. Which is crazy I might add. So today, I spent the majority of my day trying to figure out what makes it so special, although I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have the right card, I had to dig some more, naturally of course. I watched a couple of YouTube videos to spot the differences between the good ones and the regular ones, to my demise, I don’t have the right ones, although I have some that aren’t listed in the rare, could be of some value, but I stopped searching soon after.

I started thinking back to the time where I moved away from the city and needed to downsize my possessions and one of the casualties was my card collections. You see, back in the day, mainly middle-school, late elementary, I used to play a lot of CCGs, (you may notice the CCG [Collectible Card Game] tab on top), mainly playing Overpower, Magic, Star Wars (surprise!), and finally, Pokemon. Point being, I decided (at the time), to simply toss what I believed to be common cards away, or ones I found, not worthy or useless. I believe now I might have thrown a couple thousand dollars away now, oops.


I’ve been periodically opening text documents and jotting down thoughts and ideas for a game, I’m trying to find a particular motivation to kick my ass in gear and start scripting again. Problem is, I tend to lack planning out a project and guide it to success. The only reason Canasta and Traders got released is that a board game is already planned out, it has set rules, graphics and game play, so it’s rather easy to proceed.

So once more I’m sitting here with a semi-blank screen with only a hand full of text to be shown. Unfortunately most of the ideas put down are of my inspirations, mainly Destiny & Star Wars. Then, the rest of it is mainly information such as debating puzzles versus dungeons, levels and experiences, sandbox and plat-former.

Basically what I want to make is a open world Star Wars game that is similar to style Destiny portrays but obviously with some differences, mainly my debate being single player versus multiplayer. This decision is huge as it alters and hinges so many other decisions in terms of making the game.

Oh dilemmas.


Gallons of Code…

I’ve been chomping at the bit a large quandary lately (did that make sense?). I encountered a bit (I use ‘bit’ a lot) of a problem with rolling to see who goes first. Somehow, (I know now), if I tested the rolling out of order (didn’t use the server first, then the clients), for some reason they had to re-roll their dice for no reason, whether they had to or not. I found the stupid little bug, it rested in the old code for rolling where I had the players take turns, I felt this is a bit unnecessary. I cleaned that all up and I guess its new code? I also double-checked and cleaned the re-Rolling code because sometimes it wouldn’t tell the right people to re-roll, most of it was right already, but I missed the previous bug.

I’ve been tempting myself to put up a game page on lately, but not sure if I want this to be an open project just yet. It’s been more of labor for just my friends and using it for a tool when we can’t get together to play it with the original game.

Here’s a screen of the game by the way…