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Tucking away…

I added tucking to Canasta.

I wasn’t really planning on doing it, but then I decided to give it a quick whirl, and bam! Done. It was fairly easy to implement and was done with minimal complications. I was quite pleased, something that I thought through, physically did, and then tested, and it worked. I was happy.

So, given the amount of testing I’ve been doing, as well as what I’m wanting to accomplish, I’m feeling a release is finally nearing in the next couple of weeks. Finally, I can put another completed project under my belt, and then, I can seriously direct my attention to Mouse. Hood rats… fucking hood rats.

Back to testing!


Crazy Batman…

And here I thought that re-doing the way Catan was originally setup, server being player one and the client script being 2 and 3. I found that I was doing everything twice, in two different ways. The other problem I had was handling ids. In most languages arrays start with 0, and for some stupid reason my player ids started with 1. That was a big mistake. Every time I transferred any information I had to change that link, very tedious and unnecessary.

Behold Catan 2.0! Well, not that you’ll be able to touch it just yet. I’ve got a few things to still finish. But I’ll give you a run down what I’ve yet to do, and honestly, it’s not too much. First up I just have to adjust the trade received code that I was working on. It’s done in principal, but just needs tweaking. Updates are going to take a bit of time, they are not hard, just fairly tedious and time consuming. Updates are just a little extra thing that I had in a previous version. All it is notifications to the users to state new things, placement of new pieces and trades. I have a few things to configure in the server, like largest army and longest road. I also have to put up limits for settlements, roads and cities. After that I have to whip up a win check, which I have a plan for already. A few other client related things are the use of ports (not gonna lie, kind of forgot) and gold mines (which will come in a later version) and boats (also an extra to come later). I plan on making a map editor idea that in turn will provide more generic maps. Right now the map is huge.

Here’s what I have to finish for the game to be released:
– longest road
– largest army
– ports
– received trade proposal
– win check
– piece limits
– updates

After 1st release:
– gold mines
– boats
– map customization
– login page (for stat tracking)
– piece colour picker (it’s important!)
– refined player panels (with chat improvements)
– image updates

I’ll add and subtract things from that to do list when it changes. I think the next projects that I do will have a change log, it makes sense now, I didn’t get that idea before. But it’s a useful thing for me and you.