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Slave driving…

After a long month on working on the road, I’m finally back home to my own bed. Sure, I make more money working on the road, but I’d much rather be home, near my girlfriend, friends and family. The road gets old quick. But, I did find out I like quadding… a lot. So much as that I’ve held back the urge to search for a reasonably priced quad for the reason I may impulse buy one. I’m not against the idea of spending a couple thousand on one, its more the fact that I’d have to buy a truck and/or trailer to bring this quad around with me. So there’s that dilemma. The other part is that I don’t have a lot of access to good trails and other things to actually use the quad while I’m at home. So, best to put that idea to bed, for now.

So what’s the plan now that I’m home? Work will resume on Canasta, and when I get tired of the tedious testing of it, I’m going to switch to working on tiles for mouse. I’ve been a bit inspired to work on graphics since viewing the screenshot thread over at There are some astounding and bright futures over there working away on games. It really makes me want to join the mix.

As of now, I’m re-working the AI portion of canasta yet again, making it a bit more robust, smoother, and adding more conditions and available actions. Doing so will hopefully dwindle the stalling and some unorthodox ┬áplay. Time will tell. In turn with these changes, I’ve had to rewrite a lot of the internal code that handles the AI which I’m hoping will not require an animation handler change. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, look forward to some new tiles/screens from Mouse, and the eventual release of Canasta.



Its been a long time since I’ve mapped anything in particular. It’s a huge pain in the ass. I guess it’d be easier to do with pre-made tiles, but I want the game to have the same style so, I got to make them. I’m not a pixel artist as you can probably tell. I’m a thinker, and I can’t think drawing. It totally eludes me. Oh well, I’m seeing this as practice to get better. For some things I’m going to put a place holder image, especially things that need to be animated. Oh, and I’m a terrible spriter too.

screenshot 2013.05.02Red X’s are tile obstructions. (As in they’re aren’t actually part of the map!)


Name Yourself…



Yes it works… Don’t believe me? Meh. It does and I know it does. Last day of April and the first day of the NHL Playoffs. What a great day! Too bad it started with snow. BOO! Go away April, you’re drunk!

Anyway, I got antsy with Mouse the last few days, starting to lay down the law with myself and simply just create something. The result you may ask? I got some good starter tiles done, a good direction (unfortunately only in my mind) about the opening sequence and the start of the game. What I really need to focus on at the moment is the beginning village and the overall look of it and the areas around it. That is my first priority. It seems I can’t staple myself to something and in all honesty, I’m a little lost in how it should look. I have this vast and glorious picture in my head, but I fail when I try to push it to paper/Sphere. I’ll get it… eventually.

Canasta is a bit on hold for the moment. I just want to refresh my head a bit from the grind. I still gaze at it for a few moments. It’ll be ready by summer.