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Just a brief update.

I’m just making this update quickly over my lunch time at school. I actually meant to throw this stuff up last night, but my procrastination got the better of me.

Anyway, I managed to simplify a few things when it came to loading/displaying maps (whether or not it’s more efficient, I’m not entirely sure, haven’t tinkered yet). But the bottom line to that is that you can now pick and decide which map you’d like to play given from the available maps. I do plan on modifying this even further so I don’t have to readily distribute all the maps with each client, but rather with just the server. That’ll be done tonight barring anything going awry.

Also what I managed to squeeze into last night was the proper dispersal of numbering. Which I think if I recall, I fucked up again. But none the less, it can and most likely be fixed.

So, you may ask, what’s next?

In a lot of the things I’ve shown recently, the hexes are shown as “random” hexes, so now, I have to convert to a real hex with a resource equivalent. Nothing major, just setting everything right is the issue, although it isn’t really one in the first place. It’ll be handled.

I’ll bring another update (perhaps) tomorrow, maybe showing some screens and such. If I’m nice.


Back in black!

That was an exceptionally long two months. It felt like I was on an island. Oh well, all is good. I have a new job and I passed my schooling. The question is, how long until I have to go back, who knows actually. In less than a year any way! Its not now and won’t be for a little while. Thankfully. It was two months solid of brain activity. Now back to realizing I’m out of shape.

Now I’m off crushing bugs in CCCCC! I’ve killed off a couple already and currently working on a couple more that I’ve overlooked. I’m also in the process of adding a couple of needed features, mainly roll statistics graphing (so you can see how weighted the rolls have been) and a better turn indicator. I’ve noticed when I’ve been debugging that I find it hard to remember who’s turn it is after I’ve done some notes.

Anyway, back to the cave!

Not dead, that’s for sure!

I just thought I should throw this up because honestly, I’ve been meaning to update this (preferably with some progress) but unfortunately I can not do that. I haven’t been able to work on CCCCC for over a month now, school has been intense, its even more so since I haven’t been back in school for over a decade. Man, that makes me feel super old.

Anyways, only a few more weeks until the end of school then I can ramp it all up again, since I won’t be able to do too much else since I’m broke!

Anyways, I have fixed a few bugs from the game itself, cleaned up a bunch of sections and have done a ton of testing. But, its a long tedious process. Don’t worry, it will make a release, when…. I don’t know.

Billy fricking Madison…

That’s right I’ve been going back to school. Unfortunately, its not the easy elementary kind either. It’s trade school, one full year of school crammed right into eight weeks. What’s that mean? No social life. I’ve been trying to squeeze in some time to work on Catan, but it just hasn’t been happening. The other issue is three solid games came out within a week of each other. I own all three. First up was Diablo III for console. Yea, I played it for PC but now I can play it with a controller and some of my best friends together, that’s what I wanted all along. The second was NHL 14. I wasn’t really planning on buying it at first, but my best bud got it for his birthday so I felt that I should go ahead and get it. So far, the way I see it, same game with a new name. Not tremendously impressed yet. It could very well be the fact that I’m not ready for hockey. It’s still beautiful outside. I just don’t want winter to show up.

And then Grand Theft Auto 5 came out.

Honestly, I wasn’t overly impressed by the series, I stopped playing after the second one because to me, the missions seemed really hard and I found it a bit monotonous. Don’t get me wrong, seeing how many cars I can steal and building up a kill count was tons of fun. This one is different. I wasn’t planning on getting it but my room-mate had purchased it the day it came out and I watched him play it. Wow. It wasn’t soon after I jumped out and went and got it myself. Amazing game. I’ve played tennis and golf already and those were a blast. I can’t wait to do everything in the game. Highly recommended.