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Another one of those…. ‘oops’… type of posts.

Let’s just cut to the chase, I haven’t been working on anything really, well with one exception, and I’ll get to that a bit later. I’ve hit a snag with game development. There’s a few issues I’ve encountered in the last couple of weeks that I need to iron out. At this time, I can’t really find a happy medium with what I want to do.

Here’s some enlightenment. I want to make a turn based RPG that features an in & out type of party of two characters. That story is what I’ve been using for most of my main game design. Now, what I’m trying to do is morph the premise and environment to more of a open-world/exploration type of game. I hit roadblocks because I’m not sure where to go now and I don’t know how combine the two. I’m thinking they need to be torn apart again. They are too different to be the same game. So this is my plan as of now, start both projects roughly anew (but not overly), and hopefully creativity will spark up with both of them – like I did with Traders and Canasta when Traders was just a baby. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using assets from both games together as one, until they morph to what I want them to be. Stay tuned!

Other news, I kicked a lot of ass at Chrono Trigger while I was camping a couple of weeks ago.

Chrono-TriggerI’m basically just floating around doing the last few side quests before the big battle. I’ve honestly never got this far before. I was just never that good at it. The best part is that I haven’t really touched any type of guide for it so that’s a bonus. I’m just that gooooooood… Ha. We’ll see how shit goes.

I might have a little A.D.D. just a tad…

Expect some form of information on Mouse in the coming days and hopefully a proper return to 30 day challenge and such.



After taking a bit of a break away from polishing up Traders, which is going … alright. Is it funny that it seems redundant to over polish something? Feels like I’m adding some really unnecessary visuals. I think I’m going to tone down some of the effects and worry more about the important effects, such as the transferring of the largest army and longest road, point collecting, new leaders, more or less, not-so-obvious details that need the players’ attention. More on this on a later date.

Anyway, about brainstorming, I’ve been trying to find a good starting point about more direction/motivation about mousetrap, and well, I’ve tried to come up with more concrete definitives about the game. As it appears, I’m a bit torn between the idea of having an open world exploration (what I want) and a little more linear RPG (what my story pertains to). Although, I’ve come up with some good ways to explore the systems that I want to make. It could very well be the best of both worlds. Therefore, I thinking the story may have to be re-written. Nothing major really, just more in the presentation more than anything. Once some more thoughts and planning go into the game, more production can continue. I’ve also come to the idea where a second player, not necessarily human controlled, can come into play. Human controlled could be quite fortuitous as well, but CPU based will be primarily of concern first.

I might show some development sketches in a few days (mainly rough mapping, random scribbles, ugly ugly pictures). But I doubt I ever will.

Its been a week.

It’s been a damn long week. Unfortunately, the weekend is pretty much over already. Between hockey games, ending of the Olympics, turning 30, moving and settling, its been a crazy time. So much in fact I haven’t been remotely available to start/finish/continue anything that I’ve really wanted to in that time.

So the plan? Spend more time on my games,  I want to finish all three. Two of which are nearly completed, both just needing some polish and configurations while the other, Mouse, in a very premature state. Focus will continue mainly on Traders but when I need a mental break, it will shift to Mouse, as it nearly always does.

I was bored waiting at the doctor’s office a few weeks ago and made a hefty list of things I needed/wanted in Traders. It serves as a handy aide when I’m a bit lost. I find it’ll help a lot when it comes to brainstorming and thinking about Mouse. Back to the grind!

(Since when does it take nearly 20 years to make a single game? Albeit, not that same one. Anyone ever remember a game called Barratone Fist? I miss the old days of the original, the engine rush, RPG2000, RMDownloads, rpg-haven, and the list goes on. GamingW was still shit back then too.)