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Still procrastinating…

I haven’t really done a thing. Well, okay, that’s a small lie.

I built a deck in two days, so that’s a plus. It tends to help to a bit handy when it comes to power tools.

Anyway, I haven’t done anything in regards to game making, as initially promised, but hey, I can do what what I want. It’s been such a shitty last calendar month, I think I’ll cut myself some slack. I find it extremely hard to find motivation to work on anything related to that regard, but it’ll come, eventually.

I’ve been roughly planning our next adventure when it comes to Star Wars: Force and Destiny, the boys somehow managed to escape the harsh environment of … <insert planet name here when I recall it> and harvest their rubat crystals. I’m thinking I’m going to get them to find a place to find some old parts and such to craft their hilts for their sabres, but I need to read up on the whole lightsabre creation mechanics.

You know you’re getting old when you start getting arthritis in your elbow, I’m starting to worry about it and specifically how bad it could get in the coming years, especially 15-20+ years in the future. Yikes.

One day this blog will once again feature game making skills…. sometime.

Ready to Start

The new, and improved, Catan is now a lot faster than the previous version. Roughly, 500 fps. Now that’s just ridiculous. All because I decided to lighten the load of the memory and actually do some intelligent programming. Thanks OOP! I want to improve it a little more yet, but I want to get going on the actual game now. There are definitely a bunch of little polish things missing at the moment, but I’ll crack down one day and throw them all in. I figure they can wait since they’re a simple add-on to what’s already there.

I’m off to starting on distributing resources and playing robbers! I still love this game, sorry Canasta.