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Step at a time…

It’s been a long time since I’ve really had something new to show. I’ve been hard at work cleaning up and making Traders more efficient and neater. As mentioned before, the chat has been moved to the top of the screen and the players are now occupying that section of the screen.

Here’s an updated screen from the newly created lobby menu, of course, a lot of options for game-play are still missing, however, they’ll be added when everything else is complete.

screenshot 2014.08.17

Now, the bad news for it all. Well, there isn’t anything that is terrible per say… more of a pain in my ass. Since I’ve re-worked a lot of the client portion of the game, a lot of the workings of the server have to be fixed to make it all… work together. Just something that’ll take some time.

Currently, I’m testing full game functionality and fixing/updating as required. The only thing that is currently omitted are the ‘updates’ (small graphical notifications). I’m still listing everything I need so I can make the proper handler.

I’m estimating that I have about 6-8 hours of work left… unfortunately about that is I don’t necessarily work on it all the time, and straight!