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Still procrastinating…

I haven’t really done a thing. Well, okay, that’s a small lie.

I built a deck in two days, so that’s a plus. It tends to help to a bit handy when it comes to power tools.

Anyway, I haven’t done anything in regards to game making, as initially promised, but hey, I can do what what I want. It’s been such a shitty last calendar month, I think I’ll cut myself some slack. I find it extremely hard to find motivation to work on anything related to that regard, but it’ll come, eventually.

I’ve been roughly planning our next adventure when it comes to Star Wars: Force and Destiny, the boys somehow managed to escape the harsh environment of … <insert planet name here when I recall it> and harvest their rubat crystals. I’m thinking I’m going to get them to find a place to find some old parts and such to craft their hilts for their sabres, but I need to read up on the whole lightsabre creation mechanics.

You know you’re getting old when you start getting arthritis in your elbow, I’m starting to worry about it and specifically how bad it could get in the coming years, especially 15-20+ years in the future. Yikes.

One day this blog will once again feature game making skills…. sometime.

A Spark for a Sparky…

Last night I basically re-wrote all of the general code for Canasta. Going off my original re-write I realized the direction that was going was awful. I’ve learned a few optimization techniques doing Catan, so what I originally re-wrote wasn’t any better than the code I had started with, with one exception, it was prettier. I pounded out a few hundred lines of code in the last couple days and it’s already starting to take shape. I’m hoping to slide through the next few stages seamlessly.

Watching Star Wars (original Episode IV) got me thinking about Mouse more and more, although I think my motivation fails as I don’t have a good solid starting point. I’m hoping to brainstorm more on this soon and hopefully I’ll have something to show… (cross your fingers).