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// glitch (glch)n. 1. A minor malfunction, mishap, or technical problem; a snag:

That pretty much sums it all up. I love NHL10 to death but there are people that should be shot. Should be banned. Should have their copies burnt. It’s a big pain in the ass when people exploit a simple thing and abuse the fuck out of it. Why can’t we all just enjoy the damn game for what it is?

So I’ve started a movement, I’m sending nasty and disturbing message to glitch-ers who abuse their privilege of playing the game. I’m fed up and EA is definitely not doing much about it, so I’m going to let other people know how I feel, then of course, the subsequent bad feedback that follows. Hopefully, when I’m done all I’ll have left to play against is the legit players who play the game for the sake of playing the game.

Watching bad/good old movies make think of bad quotes and inspirations of how I feel and what I’m thinking. For example.

‘life is only of cocktails and dreams, which ones you drink, which ones you fulfill and how you piece it all together’.

Which is additively true in my eyes, in reality, you can have whatever you truly desire, you just have to be willing to work for it. I got hit by a bombshell today. My ex-girlfriend (a bit of a diamond in the rough), is now a lesbian (or exceptionally bi-curious) as I found out today. I see her as the one that got away and truly believed she’d be a girl I could marry. But now, I feel less of a man. It kind of devastated me today. Which tales me to my next lovely inquiry. The letter. I re-opened it again today and started re-formatting it a bit and really, truly, reading what I had wrote. I was about to dabble a bit more with it, but had to close it off.

I have the horrible feel of crossroads. I’m terrible at decision making as it is, but I do have a keen eye for when I know when I have to make one. The bottom line, I want to be happy and comfortable in what I do and who I share my time with. My eyes were opened about three years ago by a now ex-friend about dating and relationships. He always wondered why sometimes I could “deal” with a relationship when I wanted something(one) else. Why I “wasted” my time on the experience of something rather than striving for what I wanted. The problem is that I’ve got stuck in the middle. I never really strive for what I want, but I rather just know what I have and know if its what I want. I flip from thing to thing, person to person trying to find if its hidden in them rather than seeking what I know I want. I guess I take what comes easy to me.

I guess it doesn’t help that I finished watching “Yes Man”.


Heartbreak hotel…

So I spent the last few days squeezing out a couple of nasty bugs that have creeped up when I’ve been just playing around with Canasta. I believe I conquered the one for sure, but another one has me a little bit puzzled at the moment. I know the section of code that it occurs in, but unsure of what I’m missing. Perhaps a good night sleep is in order to fish it out. I’ve also begun work on the new rewrite of Canasta, splitting it from it’s original folder to a separate one. The results have been slow but I’m gathering all the processes and making it more “efficient”, mainly for myself. Updates to follow.

I’ve been doing some writing for Mousetrap as of late. I’ve finally tattooed the early beginnings of the game and a bit more background knowledge. I’m also considering the game to take a couple of different approaches, ideally, more of a puzzle/story driven genre as well as giving the setting a bit of a twist. Rather than having a world/city to explore, it concentrates on a single building. More to follow here as well.

Given the recent progress of both Mousetrap and Canasta and the fact that interest (for me) have been going in opposite directions (mainly the re-write of Canasta and the sparking of writing for Mousetrap), I’ll be adding more information for Mousetrap on the site in coming days (probably months!).

I have a couple of daunting tasks ahead of me in life, mainly the one being more of a physical thing, teeth, body and financial setting, I also have the problem of the letter. I have to write this letter to the woman I love so dearly, but I have no idea what to say, how to start it or how to put a pen to the paper. I need some help. So I leave you with this…

Never lie, cheat or steal. If you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away from bad company. And if you must cheat, cheat death.