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Attempting Progress…

After the somewhat successful first leg of our Star Wars DND campaign, I nearly immediately embarked on the second leg of the adventure, but then I hit a wall. I’m not sure if I’m just not motivated enough to do it, or that I put so much work into the first part and that it was taken for granted or what’s going on. It actually seems as though I’m convincing myself more and more to just wing it for the remainder of it. Maybe I’m just lazy? Like, super lazy… I’m thinking I’ll just bomb out a list of important people, items, places and enemy groups and just call it a day.

Yeah, that’s probably because I’m lazy, I get it. I don’t care.

56 days. That’s a long shitty time to not be at work. Cabin fever I think?

Anywho! I embarked on new journey to help, broaden my horizons as they say, I’m actually learning C++. Aside from the fact I’ve always wanted to learn, I’m actually doing it so I can see if I want to pursue that type of career as it seems I’m at a crossroads with my current profession. I’ve been laid off four times in the last six years, all varying in different lengths, but not having a solid, secure job is frustrating and I’m only getting older.


*<<, >> – still racking my brain to decide which one gets paired with what, stupid cin/cout.

At first I was excited…

It was a tad bit of shock this afternoon when I fired up the old blog. I checked and to my surprise, I found 12 pending comments to sift through. Usually they are legit because from what I’ve noticed, wordPress does a pretty good job of filtering spam for the most part.

Unfortunately, they went 0 for 12. Good, fun time, spam.

Anyways, purpose of this post was to show you something I haven’t done in at least a couple of years (I’m too lazy to officially check), and that is to show you a terrible screenshot of mouse. Ha.

Anyways, as you can see, this is a test environment and I’m currently re-learning a lot of scripting nuances about the MapEngine as I haven’t toyed with it in a few years. My end goal is to create all of the systems and presumably all the cases of interaction and game play. After I’m able to complete these, the rest of the game can come together and by god, progress can finally be made.

Can you tell I’ve had some free time?