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Bug squashing

So I thought I had the longest road figured out, but then came the errors. So I had re-insert all the logging code and try and narrow down the problem. I found out I was adding unnecessary spaces in my ‘lone ranger’ segments. I wasn’t splicing out the proper road in my collection therefore it tried to reference a dead road. Which leads to an error of course. I later found out, through more game testing, that I limited roads too much by opposing forces. Both cases have been fixed anyways.

So I’ve been working on something new. Don’t panic. It’s not an entirely new project. It is CCCCC related. It’s simply a map maker for the game. So far you start with a blank map and can place all the tiles on the map wherever you see fit. Of course you can’t save or load and it isn’t importable ready.

screenshot 2013.11.15