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Just a small sneak peak…

I tinkered around with Sphere today and parts of yesterday to bring you the hud for the game, I think its got a nice taste of retro and a nice helping of modern look to it. Probably stay for awhile. I still have to draw the spriteset (obviously its just a place holder), add in the items in the key spots, and do the life bar, money and cards areas. After the hud (heads up display) is done, I can work on inputting the animations for the character, putting in the menu to select items and start on the basic ABS of the game. Character movement is already done thanks to Flik and his 4-way movement script.screenshot 2009.09.08

I’m also tempted to start up a version of “Let’s Play ____”. Its basically a little play-by-play of a game with screen shots and captions. I’m still thinking about which game I’d like to detail, preferably a game I haven’t tackled either at all, or not in a long long time. We’ll see how it progresses.

Night all!