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Just making progress… progress like a snail!

I didn’t really put my new project on hold (the CCG if you missed late last week’s post), I just got a bit of wrist cramp. It’s a pain in the butt making dummy cards for testing. I’ve only made … about 15-20 cards, and realistically I need to make about 120-125 cards just to test. Then, as I’m testing I may need to modify nearly all of them. Which is a hinder. I’m currently toying with the idea in creating a small (rather large actually) program to handle testing. It’d be a hybrid from Canasta’s code, but simply with no AI. Just wondering if it’d be more hassle than it’d be worth. But, I love challenges as such, especially with something I’m passionate about.

Anyway, I made progress on Traders. Yeah! Nothing stupid crazy (or really all that useful?), but I forgot what I was working on before, which I remembered after I started what I finished. Blah… I created this…


It’s a latency bar! Which ironically looks like a cell phone connection ladder. The main thing is that it works. Eventually I’ll be adding in disconnections, lagging out that sort of thing, but at least you’ll be able to compare your connection to the server as well as your opponents’ connection to the server. It’ll be particularly more useful if I end up building a basic game lobby where all users connect to before branching off to their individual games. Although it is not currently in the plans as of yet and won’t be looked at until after initial release.

Right now, I’m concentrating on player profiles and connectivity. From what I’ve currently tested, everything works and you can essentially play the game. I still need to add in game options in the lobby, mainly ‘No robbing on 2pts’ and how many vp’s are needed to win the game. Both are really easy to implement, so maybe I’ll tackle both of those tonight before bed? Or maybe I’ll play NHL, or Diablo III or start constructing CCG on Sphere…. hmmm, the possibilities!


Billy fricking Madison…

That’s right I’ve been going back to school. Unfortunately, its not the easy elementary kind either. It’s trade school, one full year of school crammed right into eight weeks. What’s that mean? No social life. I’ve been trying to squeeze in some time to work on Catan, but it just hasn’t been happening. The other issue is three solid games came out within a week of each other. I own all three. First up was Diablo III for console. Yea, I played it for PC but now I can play it with a controller and some of my best friends together, that’s what I wanted all along. The second was NHL 14. I wasn’t really planning on buying it at first, but my best bud got it for his birthday so I felt that I should go ahead and get it. So far, the way I see it, same game with a new name. Not tremendously impressed yet. It could very well be the fact that I’m not ready for hockey. It’s still beautiful outside. I just don’t want winter to show up.

And then Grand Theft Auto 5 came out.

Honestly, I wasn’t overly impressed by the series, I stopped playing after the second one because to me, the missions seemed really hard and I found it a bit monotonous. Don’t get me wrong, seeing how many cars I can steal and building up a kill count was tons of fun. This one is different. I wasn’t planning on getting it but my room-mate had purchased it the day it came out and I watched him play it. Wow. It wasn’t soon after I jumped out and went and got it myself. Amazing game. I’ve played tennis and golf already and those were a blast. I can’t wait to do everything in the game. Highly recommended.


I kind of lapsed on the updates there for a bit. I’ve been going through some personal issues at the moment.

I’ve started working on Catan again. I re-wrote much of the networking code to try and improve its performance and tried to clear up a lot of redundant code. I ended up making a prototype to send data along the network (mainly for ease of myself). I’m currently just testing what I have right now actually works the way its suppose to.  I’m also writing notes of all the things that need to be added yet, whether it’d be small, large or for aesthetic reasons. Hopefully by the end of this I’ll be able to have  a master to do list.

As for Canasta, I looked at the new engine…. that is as far as I got with it. Didn’t have much desire for it at this time.

Mouse has theoretically been started (again;) I have a more polished version of how I want the world to look like, style of game-play and overall feel of the game. The only thing I lack at the moment is the artistic ability. Want to contribute and aid my sorrows?

I’ll be posting new screens to both Catan and Mouse in the coming days, and as always, I’ll try to be more diligent with updates.