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Shaping up…

I rewrote the animate handler. I made it so it would take an array of items. This way I can do multiple things at a time and quite easily. Next up for canasta is rewriting a couple of old animations to look smoother and just overall nicer. After that it is time to work on wild cards. So far you can only place them with more wilds. That will pretty much be the end of user actions. I’m hoping to start on the AI later this week. I still have most of my logic done for that in the previous version. Id say the game is probably 50% done. Most likely more. I really wanna make this game as polished as I can.

I haven’t even thought about completing catan or starting production of mouse. Right now my mindset is on canasta. I want to finish that game while Im on that kick. Then I can re-concentrate my efforts on those games. I think I owe it to myself to finish one game in 15 years.

Depressing when I put it that way.