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I used to hang out on for a long time. Basically it’s a bunch of nerds that broadcast themselves. Either they’re broadcasting a movie, watching a sitcom, sporting event or my favorite, they’re playing a game. I prefer to watch people play old games from my childhood, that mainly being the NES or SNES.

One of the most entertaining channels I watched was when I watched a guy play through the entire first Zelda game. It was about a 5 hour shift. Half way through the stream I decided to fire up my emulator. I got all the way to the 8th dungeon, then something unfortunate happened… my save game got fubarred. I was angry. So I stopped and watched him kick Ganon’s ass. I was happy.

Anyways, the point of this post was to talk about Angry Video Game Nerd. If you haven’t watched any of them before, you may want to. Especially if you grew up with a Nintendo in your house, this is a must. Makes you think about the games you played as a child. And, he swears like a sailor. Awesome.

Gold Jerry, Gold!



I don’t really even know what’s more deja-vu-esque… The fact that I don’t update much at all, or the fact that the below screenshot is a lot like one I posted about a year ago (Maybe more?). I’ve been off and on working on it, but it’s honestly been a bit of a struggle. I want to finish it, I really do.

I’ve been pouring in a lot of ideas for Mouse lately, mainly into my phone. Just a lot of brainstorming ideas, things and titbits (haha, love the autocorrect). But to be truthful, I’m not sure where to start with production. I’ve been trying (attempting) to make games for over a decade and this one has me well under-prepared. Lots of ideas, good grasp as to what the game will pan out to be, but just don’t have a good solid starting point. Well, not where I want to start that is.

C’est la vie.