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Hard to find…

You know what’s really hard to find? Motivation. Well, actually, I had some of that the other day when I’ve been browsing and trying to locate decent pixel art tutorials. The biggest problem I’m finding is that there’s a huge gap from beginner to ‘passable art(ist)’. Let’s be honest, I’m not a good artist at all, however, I can teach myself to do some things and in the end I can be quite creative in that regard. The problem is I struggle mightily with sprites. What’s even more unlucky about that? Good luck finding a pixel art tutorial that leans towards making sprites, its near impossible. I sit most of the time with Aseprite (beautiful program btw) open with a blank canvas I’m either hammering in YouTube searches or google ones. But, it just seems to no avail.

So when I finally do stumble onto something worth reading/watching, it’s like this…

  1. pick a skin tone and draw a couple of blobs to represent the head and body.
  2. now, carefully outline the limbs and add in details of the face (eyes, ears, mouth, nose)
  3. clean up rough lines and add depth
  4. Boom done.

Wait… what?

It literally goes from drawing blobs, to rough outlining to a finished product some how. I need the parts that help in regards to body proportions. Unfortunately I’m thinking of finding a decent skeleton sprite that I can use as a framework for all the characters.

The reason I want a character sprite done first is that it gives you the scale of everything else. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t wanna make a 16×16 sprite of a 6′ person and throw them on a tile map with 16×16 tiles and have a single tile be a chair. Basically you’re saying to the player is that chair is 6′ high, or that lamp, bench, piece of paper, book, whatever it may be. Once I have the basic sprite/design, it’ll be much easier to make the world which encases that character.

Maybe I’ll throw up some ugly drawings I end up doing in my meager attempts at art. Be fore warned. Of course I’ll try and link to any articles and what not that I find useful in my efforts.

I’m a Genius!

At least in my mind I think I am.

I’m taking a bunch of trigonometry in class to coincide with my electrical theory calculations (it is exceptionally above the scope of a journey-person’s real life situations, although interesting science/physics. The entire thing is based on being an electrical engineer). So, blah… anyway, I was looking on my computer for a particular drafting program that would of made my life a lot easier. Did you know it’s really hard to draw a ….. fuck I’m an idiot.

Hey guess what I can draw a Pentagon! Shit, I needed a hexagon. Anyway, look at what I did, I still think its awesome, just not exactly what I’m looking for.

screenshot 2014.11.04
Points along a circle creates a pentagon with a variable center (x,y) and radius of choosing.

Back to the drawing board for a hexagon now… crapola.