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Not even a hiatus.

I just got lazy and didn’t feel like updating my progress on here. The other part of that is that I don’t really have much new to show. It’s not that I haven’t got a bunch of work done, it’s more or less nothing in terms graphically. The game is nearly set up for play. Trading (believe it or not) is nearly finished. Just have to move it to the client side. I got half the development cards working, dice are working, distributing resources, robber play, placing settlements, roads and cities all work. The list of things to finish is getting gobbled up slowly.

As progress continues on catan, I’m starting to think of some other projects on the rise. A couple of new card games, Nickels and Rookie. And soon to be put into production is my adaptation of clash of clans.

New screens are coming soon, I think.


Rolling Along…

I got past a couple of hurdles the past few days for Catan. I got the beginning rolls out of the way and the server handles the results and spits back a winner. That winner can now choose their starting settlement and road. I haven’t handled the rotation in which the players go. Its a simple snippet, just not finished. I also have to bring over the occupied code from the old server/client set. Once I finish a few handlers a lot of the work left is converting the rest of the code to the new style.

I’m up in the air in what to do with mouse. I really wanna finish it and make the great game I have imagined. However at times (most of the time) I feel I don’t have enough planned out to start or not enough abilities to actually do what I need to do.

I wish I was an artist.

I have another project in which I want to do but I know I should hold off until at the very least canasta or Catan is finished. Ill tell you one thing though is that the game is heavily based off clash of clans and warcraft 3. if you haven’t tried or played Clash of Clans. I highly suggest you do!