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Just a brief update.

I’m just making this update quickly over my lunch time at school. I actually meant to throw this stuff up last night, but my procrastination got the better of me.

Anyway, I managed to simplify a few things when it came to loading/displaying maps (whether or not it’s more efficient, I’m not entirely sure, haven’t tinkered yet). But the bottom line to that is that you can now pick and decide which map you’d like to play given from the available maps. I do plan on modifying this even further so I don’t have to readily distribute all the maps with each client, but rather with just the server. That’ll be done tonight barring anything going awry.

Also what I managed to squeeze into last night was the proper dispersal of numbering. Which I think if I recall, I fucked up again. But none the less, it can and most likely be fixed.

So, you may ask, what’s next?

In a lot of the things I’ve shown recently, the hexes are shown as “random” hexes, so now, I have to convert to a real hex with a resource equivalent. Nothing major, just setting everything right is the issue, although it isn’t really one in the first place. It’ll be handled.

I’ll bring another update (perhaps) tomorrow, maybe showing some screens and such. If I’m nice.


You know, just killing bugs…

So I fixed a few things. A few important things. But first, I made it so you could actually win the game. It displays a fairly lame message that so and so has won. It’ll be updated later with more information and statistics on the players. Similar to what Asobrain has. I plan on having a database for the players and keep records and such.

Anyways, I did a whole bunch of testing, and nearly finished a game. Before it got crippled. I messed some things up when I use year of plenties, monopolies and robbing. I forgot to sort their hands so it’d hit up an error if you tried to build something right after using one of the cards. So that is fixed now. Then something reared its ugly head. Longest “fucking” road. I want to throw something.

However, I think I found the culprit. A typo goes a long way. Seems as though I forgot to change a single number when I copied over a check, came to be very important. I’m confident that it is resolved.

What a weird day.

I should come up with a legal way to say CCCCC.

Bug squashing

So I thought I had the longest road figured out, but then came the errors. So I had re-insert all the logging code and try and narrow down the problem. I found out I was adding unnecessary spaces in my ‘lone ranger’ segments. I wasn’t splicing out the proper road in my collection therefore it tried to reference a dead road. Which leads to an error of course. I later found out, through more game testing, that I limited roads too much by opposing forces. Both cases have been fixed anyways.

So I’ve been working on something new. Don’t panic. It’s not an entirely new project. It is CCCCC related. It’s simply a map maker for the game. So far you start with a blank map and can place all the tiles on the map wherever you see fit. Of course you can’t save or load and it isn’t importable ready.

screenshot 2013.11.15

Longest Road (EVER)

I think I actually got it. What a bitch.

It was a nightmare. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but when I first started planning for it, I was honestly stumped. I pieced together the eventual formula, but it took a lot of brain juice.

I’ll break it down. First off, I copy an array of all the roads the player has. Then from that array, I separate all the roads into single segments. What that means is that it is a list of roads that only have a single path. Of course these road segments could be longer when the roads have multiple branches and directions, but this is the simplest form. The roads are all accounted for in this instance. After this, I cycle back through all the segments matching them with other segments and creating new segments. This creates a list of all possible road paths (through all possible branches). This creates a longest road. Although, there’s a catch. Road length can be intercepted by opposing settlements, thus, there’s another check these completed segments must go through. I kept tabs on the ends of the roads throughout the process, so all I did now was cycle through the completed segments catching to see if an ‘enemy’ settlement was blocking, keeping track of the length. At the end, the longest length recorded and returned. Ta-da.

Clear sailing ahead!

Oh fuck, I forgot about ports again. Son of a …

Actually updated yesterday, but today is a new day.

Yesterday, if anyone has actually snooped around (which I don’t think anyone visits,) you would have noticed that I placed a couple of new screenshots in the CCCCC page. One of the images was one that I made simply as a debugging tool, just a few lines of simple code to place the numeric references I use on the map in their proper location. I use that as a means of creating certain algorithms in the game.

Now, however, I’ve been dealing with the longest road. This no doubly has been the biggest pain in my head. And ass. I’ve wasted countless sheets of paper trying to devise the best possible way to go about, but right now, to no avail. This kind of reminds me of doing Canasta’s AI and thought process. It reminds me that this is going to be a headache. Damn.

I’ve actually reached out to Google a few times but their methods don’t make a much of sense to me. They’re all geared towards crazy geek-Dom (I’m thinking C talk, methods). I do not comprehend any of that. I’m not sure how to do the methods they talk about in JavaScript, and honestly, I don’t want to look and learn either. (unless I unfortunately get to that point).

I’ve made lots of other bug fixes in the process. Everything else seems to be at par for now. We’ll see how this other ‘headache’ comes to be.

screenshot 2013.10.29

screenshot 2013.10.30

Back in black!

That was an exceptionally long two months. It felt like I was on an island. Oh well, all is good. I have a new job and I passed my schooling. The question is, how long until I have to go back, who knows actually. In less than a year any way! Its not now and won’t be for a little while. Thankfully. It was two months solid of brain activity. Now back to realizing I’m out of shape.

Now I’m off crushing bugs in CCCCC! I’ve killed off a couple already and currently working on a couple more that I’ve overlooked. I’m also in the process of adding a couple of needed features, mainly roll statistics graphing (so you can see how weighted the rolls have been) and a better turn indicator. I’ve noticed when I’ve been debugging that I find it hard to remember who’s turn it is after I’ve done some notes.

Anyway, back to the cave!

Not dead, that’s for sure!

I just thought I should throw this up because honestly, I’ve been meaning to update this (preferably with some progress) but unfortunately I can not do that. I haven’t been able to work on CCCCC for over a month now, school has been intense, its even more so since I haven’t been back in school for over a decade. Man, that makes me feel super old.

Anyways, only a few more weeks until the end of school then I can ramp it all up again, since I won’t be able to do too much else since I’m broke!

Anyways, I have fixed a few bugs from the game itself, cleaned up a bunch of sections and have done a ton of testing. But, its a long tedious process. Don’t worry, it will make a release, when…. I don’t know.

One Line…

Its amazing how much purpose one line of code can affect your game. I accidentally forgot to add one small line of code in the game and the game hung up. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was causing it. I put a bunch of escapes and tried for the life of me to narrow out the bug. Turns out I forgot to escape a switch that handled all my server data so all it did was loop thinking there was a continuous stream of data to be handled. Damn it.

The worst part of it all was after I write a fresh piece of code I test it out and see how it plays out. If there’s an error, its normally because of a minor spelling mistake or something that I just plain forgot. In this case it was something rather pivotal. Oops.

Eye Candy…

I think I got rid of a little bug. I got ideas of how to completely eradicate it but I would rather not build a bunch of states for each possible move the AI can make, instead I prefer my hierarchy tree instead. I just want to have the computer make the best possible move as opposed to a if it works, it works kind of thing. I’ll see though. I may end up revisiting this in the future to make a more dynamic, more random and unpredictable  opponent. But for now, I want that bastard perfect.

screenshot 2013.04.09

Just a little screenshot showing some gameplay. Basically everything currently works. The only real to do is smoothing out some of the animations for the opposing team. As of now, they still use the “right side up” card to blend through the animations, instead I want to switch to the cards that are shifted 90 degrees. The reason being is that when (if) you see the animations they look goofy and out of place (but work!). But before then, I plan on working on the getting the computer to go into their second hand (called the Foot) and eventually go out and end the hand. Lastly after that big task is the continuation of the game, re-shuffling, point scoring and starting all of it over). Although, all that functionality is already done, it just needs to be initialized. I’m getting excited. This project is nearly the completion!


Crisis Adverted….

I had a bit of a panic attack the last few weeks. I’ve been working on Canasta, implementing the AI, thinking I’ve had the first set of logic completed, ran the test and then I saw a nasty error message.

“Out of Memory”

Fuck me.

I left the project for a couple weeks. I was pretty frustrated. I kept running the code through my mind trying to find the problem and figure out what was causing the leak. Then BOOM! I found it. I use an animate handler that was getting overflowed with information. So in turn I created a animate Query handler to hold the next animate object before it needs to be processed. Thus cutting all the information required to be held at any given time to nearly nothing.

I’ve worked out the kinks the last couple days and now I’m good to hit the next step in the AI, hand control and going into their foot. Bring on the logical nightmares!

In other bloated news, I’ve been slowly documenting odd ideas and pieces of information for Mouse, but in all honesty, I’m not sure where to start. I have this great big vast idea for this game, but not sure how to present it. I have two main dilemmas, first being the perspective, I can’t decide if it going to be a side scroller (think Zelda 2 and Castle Crashers), or do I want to do a more traditional style (Zelda LTTP, FF series). The second dilemma, enemies and user drive. In one way I want to have a world of puzzles and misconception, then in the opposite direction, I want the world to play out like Diablo/Guild Wars type of world. The best, ultimately, would be a good mix of both ideas.