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Making light progress…

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon and conquered a part I thought was going to be a bit more daunting than it really was, custom port inputting for the mapMaker. It was more confusing only because I was trying to trim down the code as much as I possibly could when adding them in, it came to remembering what was really doing what. Thankfully, a little debugging made it quite simple in the end.


Basically how it works in the editor, you pick your desired port to put down, then you get to pick which “corners” are the actual ports. Unlike its unnamed counter-part, you can pick any of the corners, not just adjacent ones. I’ll probably add in completely random ports, but first, I have to add in …. THE DISABLER. Fancy way of ¬†making it so people can’t build in the water. Because, you could, if you wanted to. But I don’t want that ability. so I’ll figure shit out eventually. Lots to do… lots to do. But I have to figure out how to save these ports now. Hmm.¬†