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Just a motoring along…

What’s with all these blog posts?

It may actually be because I’ve had some time to work on Traders, and, believe it or not, I’m making some progress. mapMaker is basically complete, there are a couple of known issues with it, but from my stand-point, its not really a glitch/bug, just more of a behavioural issue that some people may get annoyed with it. I don’t necessarily find it annoying because to re-create it, you have to have a heavy mouse finger. Even as that is, it doesn’t crash or modify anything, it would be just something you’d live with until I felt the need to correct it. Of course there are a few things that could be more aesthetically appealing, but for now, functionality is the main concern.

screenshot 2014.11.18 corner updater: disable/enable.

Right now, whenever you place a valid hex (being anything other than a water/port tile) the corners surrounding that hex become live (available) to the players. Everything is defaulted to be disabled. All this information is saved within the contents of a “map save”.

I’m going to create a couple more default maps that can be used in game-play, then I’m going to work on loading that information into the actual game itself. It should be painless and hopefully have everything working by the end of the week.