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Happy new year and hopefully everyone had a joyous holiday season.

I’ve been meddling around the last few days fixing some uncommon and erratic errors/bugs that have been popping up as I’ve been testing. Currently I’m pretty happy with how the dialogue handling is going, including the structure and how I’m loading/saving and accessing this information. I think it’ll do for now until the game progresses and if I need to modify it, I’ll do so at that time.

Current task(s)… currently I’m making tiles (horribly slow as I suck at pixel art, and I’m fussy), and it isn’t going great. I really wish I had a knack for artistic talent, because that would make it so much easier. Right now I’m making relatively simple tiles to try and get better with the art so I can progress to the next tile and so on, it’s a huge work in progress.

The second thing I’ve tasked myself with is the HUD (heads up display). Before I decided to expand the resolution, essentially doubling it, I was going for a Legend of Zelda style feel. Simple, informative and to the point. That HUD is actually buried in the ‘mouse’ tab of the site. With the larger resolution I’m having a hard time coming up with something clean and worthy of its next iteration.

To work we go, I’m hoping the next post will contain a new map with actual tiles.



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