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Good games need to stop coming out…

So after being a tied up with the world of Destiny 2, it started getting a tad repetitive and I was started to lose a bit interest, then of course they come out with forsaken. Well, fuck my life.

So I’ve been back in the grind until Red Dead Redemption 2 came out… well shit, there we go again.

Fallout 76…. yea, haven’t even touched it yet…

Farming Simulator 19…. (yea, I fucking play it sometimes, usually when I’m super bored.)



I’ve been steady hacking away Canasta 2.0 trying to seep out some odd behavior from the AI which is painstakingly painful. Its been doing some crazy things and sometimes I keep opening a can of worms which leads to another can. And then another. I have however been able to polish the game a bit and add some new animations and cleaned up some of the game. I’m hoping to release 2.0 before the new year, time permitting of course.


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