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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Just rolling on…

It’s been four months since I’ve last popped into the lines of WordPress.

I haven’t honestly missed it, but hey, I kept thinking, I should just ramble on for a few minutes, and just do this as a daily task. But I get lazy. I get lazy a lot. So instead, I find other things to do and usually those things consist of hanging out on the couch and either playing video games or powering through a netflix marathon.

It’s truly sad. I should be leaps and bounds more productive. I still have so many envisions of what I want to accomplish, not only to Sphere and game making, but to generally a lot of things. I couldn’t even count on two hands how many “projects” I have on the go. Wednesday I managed to kick myself a little bit in the ass and get a few things accomplished.

Made an ultimatum with myself, told my fat ass to either workout or figure out what I needed to finish the siding in the back. Of course I decided to make a trip to the local Home Hardware, sigh.

Of course the plan going forward is to literally finish all the projects, but the order in which is crazy clouded. Recently today I’m a stand still with the back siding so fired up Canasta and began work on Version 2. So far I’m just going through the code and cleaning up what I can and investigating any issues I’ve had with version one. I’m fairly confident in the current frame work of the game so the plan going forward is to clean up the AI as much as possible and make them respect wild cards more than they currently do. After that is complete I plan to focus on adding more customization options with more card backs, altering fonts, animation speeds and key manipulation. As usual, just a lot of general house keeping with regards to helpful hints, help texts and the like. More polish essentially, as most of my games lack that.

I’m guessing online play similar to Traders won’t be present in Canasta until version 3, whenever you’d like to take a guess when that would surface.

The plan has been and will tend to always be, is to focus on making Mouse a reality.