The Tequila Den

Combines the world of Tequila with Games.

Updating docket…

updated itinerary:
– Finish re-factoring
– Add more maps (~5)
– Boats
– Gold Mines
– Rolling to see who starts (axed it before 1.0, made it simply random to see who goes first)
–  Bank trade reworking (multiple demands/offers, smarter trades)
– Hot keys/short cuts
– Better number placements (avoid 6’s & 8’s near each other, and like numbers beside each other)

Features on the docket:
– Barbarian attack (Cities & Knights)
– discover-able land & Gain resource
– Cities & Knights play mode
– Columbus Point (Seafarers)
– Fixing numbers (MapMaker)
– Bots (AI)
– Real lobby
– city walls

Well doesn’t that put it into perspective? I’d say I’m getting pretty close to releasing a 2.0 in the very near future. I’m going to keep dabbling with knights/barbarians although I believe they’ll be left out of the next release, but we’ll see the state that they’re in. I’ve added in a new feature to the docket, city walls. I haven’t done too much in this regard, but is a really simple feature to add in, just haven’t got around to it.


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