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Sometimes life just throws you a curveball…

It’s been an interesting last few months to say the least. I’m not going to go into any such detail as it’s quite personal and family related; it’s not to be put on here. It’s still an ongoing issue and I hope everything turns right side up once again. I’m only updating this blog now because things have gotten less … nuts.

I’ve tried to write a blog like six or seven times now, but issues still persist with the aforementioned, so hopefully I’ll get this out now.

Recently, (well, not so much, maybe a few months), Asobrain had re-opened their doors back to the public (at least, more open then they were). So, a few of us quickly jumped back on ship to re-capture our love for the game of Catan. I’m still going hard on the game on the site as it has a very good following and it’s well programmed and set up. My only wish, (reason why I built my version of Traders), was the ability to interchange some rules and play more user generated (and awkward) maps. Now, I want to say I’ve officially begun work on 2.0, but, I’m still in the brainstorming mode of which ideas I’ve got going through my head for it. Safe to say, it’s a long ways off.

So what happened to Canasta?

It obvious I’ve put a lot on the wayside, Canasta is definitely no different. Honestly, I should have released it before the roller-coaster had started, but I don’t want to release an unpolished piece of work. It’s nearly in the finished state, but it requires more work in my opinion before I release it. (It’s not like anyone is anticipating it anyways….).

What’s on tap?

I’ve already mentioned plans for the next edition of Traders, and I’ve already laid some framework for next iteration of Canasta. Both are currently on the back-burner for now until life decides to regulate itself once again. So this is my plan, I’m going to throw some much needed polish on Canasta to prep it to it’s first 1.0, then, with any luck, some progress can be shown towards Mouse.

Happy sailing….


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