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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Coding frenzy… well, my type anyway.

I’ve been very vigilant with Canasta the last few days/weeks with a lot of bug testing. Unfortunately, but fortunately, I caught quite a few logic issues in the process. Then, like all good things do, something bad has to happen. Sphere decided to go in the “miniSphere” direction, which is basically a new and improved version of the original. With that it comes with an annoying editor that in my opinion isn’t the nicest to use. Since they’ve both come out I’ve avoided them like the plague. About two months ago I decided to give it a shot on my older laptop running Windows XP, turns out, they’ve dropped XP support, so I said fuck it. I picked up a cheap, run of the mill laptop, new to me, second hand Windows 10 laptop. I figured, might as well check it out, give a chance. It doesn’t run on Windows 10. Somewhere, they changed the minimum graphic requirements for (basically a SNES/NES) game. Pathetic. So I shut that idea down. But I gave the editor a chance after browsing through it, trying to get updated. Well, I can’t even change the resolution, then error after error, I said fuck that. Then I went back to old editor, and I started going away, finishing what I was working on, then I tried to search & replace. Fuck. The vanilla editor crashes, I’m guessing this is more of a compatibility problem. So I decided, back to the new editor.

So that search works, therefore I’ve been using that for a bit. Then I fucked up. I tried to test the game through the new editor with the new engine. It crashed, I got mad. I deleted the new shit. I opened up the separate script that I was focusing on and it was blank. It was inflated, but blank. I got mad. I spent a couple days trying to recover the file with no results. The new shit didn’t save the file properly and now the week’s worth was gone, 600+ lines of fresh, bug-free (hopefully) code. Gone. Gone. Gone (girl).

I made sure all that new crap, garbage really, was gone. I backup’d my other stuff and started, again.

My thoughts on this is that if you’re making a replacement of something that was made about a decade ago, make sure it runs what it used to, it makes SNES games, not XBOX One games or PS4 games, like fuck. There should very little graphical power to run this kind of engine. GRR.

/RantOver //I don’t even like mentioning it.

Back to grind.


Rolling along…

Since my own little pep-talk, I’ve managed to fix up Canasta to the point where it’s mostly playable. Oh my gosh did I have a bunch of redundancies in the code. I found it really pleasing to see how I’ve gotten so much better at scripting, nice to know I’m headed in the right direction. With that said, I have a couple of interesting bugs to track down before the beta release.

To think I’m on the verge of releasing my second game, I’m still a bit shocked I got the first one off the desktop and on the internet. Finishing Traders was the best thing I could have down for myself, just knowing all the steps in finishing a game, it becomes a bit easier to sit down and actually do it.

I’m thinking I probably have about another week or more before Canasta is ready to launch, but at the very most, I’m thinking a late March release. As of now, a few things will be missing from that release, one of the key items missing will be any sort of assistance, since it’s a fine tooled game that is a bit difficult to understand. My goal for the game in the end is to have it much like Traders in the regard that it will be human on human, as opposed to human on cpu. Time will tell of course.

Off to squash the bugs!