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Scheduling some time…

Now that I’m officially off work until the new year (pending something catastrophic), I’m setting up some time for some development, finally. I’m going to hammer out a nice little design doc pertaining to the game and some major points I need fleshed out. I have most of it in past notes and some neat little ramblings on my phone, but the key is to put forth everything in a central location so I can firmly put forth a solid plan.

But first, I must get something a little more important out of the way…


I’m not an absolute die-hard fan, but I’m definitely a huge fan. I just didn’t feel like freezing my butt off in the cold waiting in line for a few hours. I’m a bit of a wimp. We’re (friends & I) are hoping the lines drizzled down a bit so we can head out late tonight to see the movie. I’m pretty excited to see the new one from all the hearsay I’ve heard. Going to be good!

I’ll post some thoughts about it tomorrow, maybe some other news as well…


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