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So I’ve been toying around a lot with a lot of Sphere functions that I haven’t really used all that much. Mainly things to do with the map engine. In all honesty I haven’t used the map engine at all really, mainly I’ve been working with pictures and blitting within the engine itself, not touching the tile sets/map making aspect that is needed to make RPG’s and the like. So in that instance, the learning is more of a trial and error approach.

So far, I’ve found that SetRenderScript is a bitch. It’s a bitch if you’ve got an error in it too. It doesn’t reference a line in which the error occurs, so you’ve got to be careful. I’ve had to re-write the game a couple of times thinking it was simply messing up with my way of thinking, only to find out that I had a small reference error.

After getting some bone-head errors and what not out of the way, the opening scene is coming along, still a lot of work to be done, but it’s getting there.

screenshot 2015.04.07 2015.04.07

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