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I’m a Genius!

At least in my mind I think I am.

I’m taking a bunch of trigonometry in class to coincide with my electrical theory calculations (it is exceptionally above the scope of a journey-person’s real life situations, although interesting science/physics. The entire thing is based on being an electrical engineer). So, blah… anyway, I was looking on my computer for a particular drafting program that would of made my life a lot easier. Did you know it’s really hard to draw a ….. fuck I’m an idiot.

Hey guess what I can draw a Pentagon! Shit, I needed a hexagon. Anyway, look at what I did, I still think its awesome, just not exactly what I’m looking for.

screenshot 2014.11.04
Points along a circle creates a pentagon with a variable center (x,y) and radius of choosing.

Back to the drawing board for a hexagon now… crapola.


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