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Almost beta… no, seriously!

I’ve been hard at work lately on traders. I ended up working on it pretty late one night this past week and managed to really gain a lot of ground on a bunch of interface related options mainly, the updates/notifications core of the game. I did however realize you could prototype a prototype and it’ll allow it. However, it fails to reference the initial prototype(d) variables so ends up pretty useless. And it becomes pretty damn slow too. Oh well, I managed to adjust it up a bit and make it all work nicely.

Now, unfortunately, a lot what I thought would look really nice, doesn’t look very nice at all. I’m a bit disappointed in myself. On the upside of it though, it’s easy enough to modify all of that section of code so now it’s just a lot of tinkering.

I’m really happy with how things are turning out so far. I’ve managed to really separate things that needed to be in the game apart from the things that are ‘extras’ or after release and not needed. On my phone I have a bunch of notes and reminders of things I’m working on, a feature that needs to be added, an aspect that needs to be tested or just simply an idea. I’m thankful to also note that the list is getting quite short, so that’s a bonus.

I’ll hopefully through up a good new screen of the game in mid-action to show off all the crazy new stuff. Until then though, please stay tuned!

(As a side note, I’ve put righteous pickle on hold for now until I figure some other things out, hell, I’ve got two years!)


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