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Lot of lines…

I was meandering through some old projects and some old code thinking it’d help throw up some motivation. It made me want to re-write a few things. I was skimming through Canasta mainly and really thought it was terrible. I left it alone for the time being. Regardless, I started it up and wanted to see what it could do. Then I had to turn it off.

I forgot the controls. I put in a bunch of hot-keys to mimic certain actions to ease the game-play for the user and make it a lot more friendly, or so I thought. I don’t even recall wiring ‘D’ for discarding. Then I had to figure out how the ‘W’ key worked.

I figure I’ve wrote over 6000 lines of code in the two projects, Canasta & Traders, and both of which lay dormant. I’ll finish, one day or another… I’ll finish… something.


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